Rune Factory 3 Special Release Date Announced

Rune Factory 3 Special will unite humans and monsters starting September 5, 2023.

XSeed Games has revealed the Rune Factory 3 Special release date to be September 5 2023 for Nintendo Switch and PC. The remake of Rune Factory 3, this extended version will feature updated graphics, a new mode and a new difficulty. 

Originally released in 2010, you play as Micah, a man who can turn into a golden sheep known as a wooly. You can on grand adventures in his quest to quell the conflict between humans and monsters as well as discover why the Sharance Tree has not bloomed for 50 years. You can farm, fish, recruit townsfolk to assist you in dungeons and more. For veterans of the original Nintendo DS game, there is also the new "Hell" difficulty to test your mettle against. 

There are now 11 available bachelorettes in the game, the most in the franchise's history. New special quests are available to play through after marriage to each of them, along with Newlywed Mode. 

More details on the retail and digital purchase options for America are coming, but Europe and Australia have the ability to pre-order the game right now. Marvelous Games has also revealed their Limited Edition for Rune Factory 3 Special, featuring an A5 notebook, stickers, woven patch and more. 

Whether a new player or returning fan of Rune Factory 3, this game is sure to delight those looking for an RPG and life sim in one. Stay tuned for more on editions, pre-orders and game details in the coming months with GameSkinny's Rune Factory 3 Special game page. 

Featured image via XSEED


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Published Mar. 10th 2023

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