Krieg The Psycho Bandit Comes To Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 Gets New Playable Character May 14th

Only a week left til we see the all new sixth playable character for Borderlands 2. The all new character will be known as Krieg the psycho bandit, and he has been tweeting up a crazy storm. If you have been following Krieg on his Twitter account you have been seeing some very unusual posts, but as of yesterday we finally have the release date of May 14th for this crazy bandit.

The hulking psychopath has voice in his head, (of course the crazy guy hears voices), a alternate personality guiding him to kill only those who deserve to die and threatening him with suicide if he harms any innocents. Krieg also comes complete with his own main action skill, the melee buzzsaw.

Overall i cant wait to play as this guy, check out the new character in 7 days on May 14th.

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Published May. 7th 2013

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