Gears of War 3 Review - Much Loved

My thoughts on the third game in the much loved Gears of War saga.

The Gears games are easily some of the best third person action games of this generation, and the third act in this brutally satisfying trilogy is a damn good time. With a long and engaging campaign, competitive multiplayer, the always fun horde mode, and the new beast mode, Gears 3 is a great package.

Let's start with the campaign. After the flooding of Jacinto, the COG is on the edge of extinction. When Marcus Fenix receives a message from his supposedly dead father, things get crazy. You spend most of the game searching for your father and trying to carry out his plans to stop the locust for good. While the writing isn't exactly praise worthy, its worth noting that the story is actually pretty enjoyable, and fans of the mythos will be more than pleased with this story.

But as we all know, Gears has never been about the story; it's been about shooting stuff into tiny pieces. The combat in this game is intense and satisfying. The familiar stop and pop gameplay has been honed to perfection, and the addition of new weapons and executions ensure you will never run out of ways to demolish people. The combat is even more intense online, where movement and teamwork are the key to victory.

The game has a few new game modes that are sure to keep players busy for a while. On the co-op side of things, we have horde and beast mode. The horde mode has seen significant improvement. You can now purchase and upgrade defenses, weapons, and bonuses to help you and your friends make it to wave 50. These new additions add some variety and strategy to the otherwise relatively straight forward survival mode. Horde mode remains one of the best ways to spend time in co-op. Beast mode is essentially the flip side of horde mode, where you play as the locust and try to destroy human defenses. Things are kept intense as you constantly have to worry about the time limit and rush to complete your objectives. Beast mode is a welcome new addition to the Gears gameplay family.

If you are looking for a fun and intense action game, look no further than Gears of War 3.


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My thoughts on the third game in the much loved Gears of War saga.

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Published Feb. 10th 2016

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