Essential Nintendo Switch Games for the 2020 Holiday Season

Super Mario 3D All-Stars

ESRB Rating: E
Price: $59.99
Get it on: Amazon (physical), eShop (digital)

Three of Mario's most iconic 3D adventures are bundled in this one release. Super Mario 64 (Nintendo 64), Super Mario Sunshine (Gamecube), and Super Mario Galaxy (Wii). With their powers combined, they are one of the best buys on the Nintendo Switch.

But it's only available until March 31, 2021! Nintendo will be pulling the limited-time release from shelves and storefronts then.

None of these games have changed much from their original versions in this release; some of the more persnickety issues exist, but they also come alongside the same charm that's made these games timeless. Read more about them in our review

Published Nov. 30th 2020

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