EVO celebrations: SNK announces a "Neo Geo classic" coming to PS4 and Vita

SNK reveals it is porting a classic fighting game to PlayStation 4 and Vita in response to the 2016 Evolution Championship Series.

The 2016 Evolution Championship Series (otherwise known as "EVO 2016") continues strongly, and SNK joins in on the fun with a new announcement!

In order to celebrate the ongoing EVO 2016 along with Fatal Fury's 25th anniversary, SNK is porting a "Neo Geo classic" to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, a fighting game known as Garou: Mark of the Wolves (or  Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves on Dreamcast).

Protagonist Rock Howard holding the iconic hat of his mentor, Terry Bogard

Garou: Mark of the Wolves is another sequel to the Fatal Fury series, taking place ten years following the previous antagonist Geese Howard's supposed death after confronting the main character, Terry Bogard.

Geese's iconic fall  from Geese Tower (and death) in the original Fatal Fury

With a decade having passed, there are now several new members in the Fatal Fury cast, including Kim Kaphwan's sons Kim Dong Hwan and Kim Jae Hoon. In terms of older characters, Terry Bogard is the only one to make a return. Terry now functions as a mentor for the new main character and Geese's son, Rock Howard.

Garou: Mark of the Wolves does not yet have a confirmed release date for PlayStation 4 and Vita, but in the meantime you can enjoy it on other platforms, such as on mobile devices (iOS/Android), and of course on the classic Neo Geo.

The iconic Neo Geo logo:

For those unaware, the "Neo Geo" is a home console and arcade system created by SNK from the 90s.

Notable titles on the Neo Geo include various SNK fighting games, such as the aforementioned Garou: Mark of the Wolves along with the Fatal Fury series and Double Dragon.

Hoping for a new Garou: Mark of the Wolves game? Yasuyuki Oda (director of SNK's upcoming King of Fighters XIV) wishes for one too. Take a look at this article where Oda shares thoughts on Garou at a Japanese tournament, here on GameSkinny!

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Published Jul. 17th 2016

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