The Rumor is False: Silent Hills is Still Dead

Head of Xbox Phil Spencer dispels the rumor of Silent Hills as an Xbox One exclusive.

A 'well-placed anonymous source with a good record' informed Rooster Teeth that Microsoft was "in serious talks with Konami" about purchasing exclusive rights to Silent Hills.

This source has provided accurate information previously about the release of a cheaper Xbox One without a Kinect, even when Microsoft denied that they ever would.  Since this past story came true, it made this news all the more promising.

Sadly the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, laid this hope to rest when responding to a Twitter user.  

Rather than this being a ploy to keep the project under wraps, it sounds like this game is just not going to happen.

Considering Konami's official statement confirming the game's cancellation, and the removal of 'PT' (the playable teaser) from the Playstation Store, this does not come as a surprise.

Applying the five stages of grief to the death of this game, this may be the 'bargaining' stage.  We've already passed through 'denial', and 'anger'.  All that's left is 'depression' and then eventually we'll reach 'acceptance', while lamenting what could have been.

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Published May. 30th 2015
  • Curtis Dillon
    This is disappointing! I still think we will see the game someday but I really don't think the Silent Hills IP is worth anywhere near that amount of cashola. Yes the series has tons of buzz right now but before P.T no-one really cared bout the series. I can't imagine Microsoft paying that much for a niche game!
  • OrganisedDinosaur
    Not a good sign that Spencer denied. I shall hold out very cautious hope until E3. But doesn't look promising.
  • Sam Yoo
    Featured Contributor
    Yeah. My assumption is that it won't happen, but I really wouldn't mind being pleasantly surprised...
  • Elijah Beahm
    Featured Columnist
    ...this neither confirms nor denies it. It's not till E3 that we will actually know for certain. And that's not the ramblings of some over eager fanboy -- the only Silent Hill game I really enjoyed was Shattered Memories. No, it's simply that Microsoft always does this. They denied abandoning Always Online. They denied abandoning the Kinect. This game ain't over yet.

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