Flipnote Studio 3D Now Available on 3DS And How To Get It

Flipnote Studio 3D is available for Nintendo 3DS. Here is a quick guide on how to get a code to download it.

After much wait, the sequel to the hit DSiWare animation software Flipnote Studio is now available on the Nintendo 3DS. Flipnote Studio 3D brings back the classic animation software that was on the Nintendo DS, but gives you the ability to make 3D animations. However, in order to get the new software, there is a slight catch: The application isn't downloadable from the storefront on the Nintendo eShop.

You have to get a code to download the software. Here is a quick guide on how to get the code to download Flipnote Studio 3D and get animating.

As a preliminary warning, the Club Nintendo website has been experiencing a very high amount of traffic causing the site to stop responding and even show a message that the website is under maintenance. Just keep refreshing and you will be able to get through.

How to Get Flipnote Studio 3D

  1. First if you don't have a Club Nintendo account you will need to sign up for one. It's as simple as going to https://club.nintendo.com/. All you need is a valid email address and you will be on your way.
  2. You will get an email to verify your email address, you have to click the link provided in that email before you can log into Club Nintendo.
  3. After your email is verified, Sign in to Club Nintendo. (The ability to sign in is slightly hidden underneath the large sign up button.)
  4. You will immediately see "To-Dos" and a Flipnote Studio 3D Gift should be available. Select Flipnote Studio 3D (If you just made a new account, you will likely see a Welcome Survey, but you won't need to do it to get a Flipnote Studio 3D code.)
  5. You will then be asked shipping information, which won't matter as nothing will actually be shipped to you and a code will be provided once you select order on the website.
  6. Once you get your code, redeem it on your 3DS!

If you are uncertain as to how the code works once you have it, you can quickly redeem it directly on your 3DS. On your Nintendo 3DS, you go to Nintendo eShop, scroll left to the left to select Settings / Other, and input your Flipnote Studio 3D code into Redeem Download Code.

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Published Feb. 11th 2015
  • Logan_5323
    I just got a new 3DS today and my old one broke but it had Flipnote Studio 3D on it. I forget my Club Nintendo account and I CAN get it back but idk if (put name here) knows it. So since you can't make a Club Nintendo account now, how can I get FS3D without Club Nintendo?
  • Eric_7219
    I'm sorry, but Club Nintendo has been discontinued and you will no longer be able to sign up.
  • Jmr2000
    The Club was discontinued.. Don't think you can get it now.. :(
  • Tay_8035
    It refreshed it so much and nothing happened-.-
  • Anna Roesbery
    i cant find the sign up button...
  • SweetieOrange
    THANK YOU SO MUCH! If it wasn't for this I think I would've never been able to get it!! :'D

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