New Nintendo 3DS and 3DSXL Announced

New 3DS and 3DSXL announced by Nintendo Direct!

The latest Nintendo Direct announced that two new models of the 3DS is on the way and there will be a few changes coming with them. The new models are going to make 3D viewing easier a widened view in stereoscopic 3D possibly reducing the strain that 3D often has on players' eyes. 

The update will also have a more powerful CPU, which hopefully translates into smoother gameplay. Other than a few aesthetic changes like a few buttons being slightly shifted around, there is also a new analog stick, similar to the GameCube’s C-Stick. The new models will also be compatible with Nintendo’s upcoming Amiibo system and the new tech will allow users to synchronize 3DS data with their PCs.

The upgraded version of the 3DS has interchangeable faceplate adding a whole new level of customization to your 3DS finally licensed by Nintendo. It still probably won’t be as cheap as DIY customization, but it is nice that Nintendo is trying to add an official layer of user customization.

The system will be released in Japan for 16,000 yen for the 3DS and 18,000 yen for the 3DS XL, which translates to $160 and $180 USD respectively.


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Published Aug. 29th 2014
  • Avaril_
    It's nice that they finally realized not giving the thing a second thumbstick was kinda silly, but isn't the goal of a console to be a standardized platform?
  • The Silent Shadow
    I'm getting this as soon as it comes out, was planning on getting an og XL but I'm more than willing to wait so I can play Xenoblade Chronicles.
  • Dagallas
    Glad I didn't get a 3ds yet!
  • poliwagg
    Featured Contributor
    SO. CHEAP.
  • Angelina Bonilla
    Featured Correspondent
    I know! They have to reduce the prices on all of them now. This is the cheapest they've had handhelds in a while.

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