Wolfenstein: The Reign And Fall Of The Reich... Again

Wolfenstein returns beautifully bringing an even more fun way of killing Nazis for revenge than any other shooter involving the Reich.

Wolfenstein: The New Order invades the world as the first main title into the series since Wolfenstein, released in 2009. We take U.S Army Ranger William "B.J" Blazkowicz in an alternate timeline of Europe where the Nazi Regime reigned and was never defeated. With a story as great as the evil vanquishing rampage gameplay, this marks the ninth entry into the entire Wolfenstein franchise.

The Meat Of The Review

Before Wolfenstein: The New Order dropped, it was revealed that the German version would be censored of all imagery Nazi-related (swastikas); Nazi imagery is illegal in Germany and in the game are referred to as The Regime.

I was impressed with my experience of Wolfenstein, and am still enjoying the game as it has replay value with two different timelines of two of your comrades. You are forced to make a choice between the two, in which whoever you choose is the timeline you play. The other will be unlocked upon the completion of the first timeline campaign. The game also holds many collectibles, including enigma codes that unlock bonus modes with every solved puzzle.

The game had a hefty first download, which took a while, even with perfect connection. The game is 16 chapters long; however long it takes you to beat the game depends on if you spend time looking for the collectibles. Do not worry about missing some collectibles as your stats don't reset and you can continue where you left off in every chapter if you missed pieces of collectibles.

I felt like even though the game was 16 chapters, it was a lot longer than it was. Wolfenstein: The New Order also features many hints at previous titles and even a playable easter egg, which is triggered inside your HQ on the third floor by choosing the bed with "Nightmares!" as a pop up message. Hold X or square to begin the easter egg and you are back in Castle Wolfenstein from Wolfenstein 3D! This easter egg was probably one of my favorite easter eggs in the game.

When people think of the game that innovated the first-person shooter genre, they mention Call of Duty; but really it was Wolfenstein and DOOM that got that job done years before Call of Duty entered the realm. The New Order is nothing short of great.

I do not suggest anyone under 18 play this game as there are a couple of sexual scenes in the game. 


  1. Compelling story
  2. Great gameplay
  3. Beautiful graphics
  4. Playability
  5. Unique characters
  6. Entirely single player focus
  7. Various weapon options (Dual-wielding, detaching turrets)
  8. Great cover system


  1. Long and hefty first download
  2. Loading screens sometimes feel too long

I also noticed in one cut scene that the audio/dialogue did not match with the characters' lips, but I did not place that as a con because it was so small and insignificant.

If you like to get virtual payback on Nazis and enjoy a good stress relief, then this game is highly recommended. In the end, I give this game a 9 out of 10 and a spot on my "favorites of next-gen so far" list.

Our Rating
Wolfenstein returns beautifully bringing an even more fun way of killing Nazis for revenge than any other shooter involving the Reich.


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Published May. 22nd 2014

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