The Latest Expansion for Pokemon TCG: Sun & Moon Drops August 4th

The third installment of the Pokemon trading game is getting its own expansion this summer.

In February, Sun & Moon joined the Pokemon Trading Card Game series. Only six months later on August 4, Sun & Moon's first expansion will debut: Burning Shadows.

The expansion is set to bring a host of new content to the Pokemon trading game fanbase. Here's what players can expect when the new content drops in a few months: 

  • New PokemonPlay with Necrozma, Marshadow, and many more from the Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon video games.
  • Alolan Pokemon: Classic Pokemon will return with a unique appearance to match the proprietary Alolan forms of Sun and Moon.
  • New Theme Decks: These 60-card decks are ready for players to play immediately. 
  • New Booster Packs: The packs contain 10 new expansion cards. One card in each pack will be rare. 
  • New Cards: Have over 140 cards at your disposal, including 12 new Pokemon-GX and Supporter cards with full art.
    • Get ready to play with Machamp-GX and Charizard-GX.

You can read more about Burning Shadows by visiting the Pokemon official website. To pick up this merchandise on August 4, find a participating retailer near you. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for all the latest Pokemon news!

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Published May. 18th 2020

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