Some of the best cosplays of the 2015

Character: The USS Enterprise (NCC-1701), from Star Trek

Cosplayer: unidentified

Photographer: istolethetv

I've always been kind of baffled as to why trains were ever added to dresses. Was it a short bride who decided to carry off her ill-fitting dress with panache that started it?

However they entered popular consciousness is irrelevant now, because we have seen their zenith in this beautiful Starship Enterprise dress.

Also, I can't help but notice the Ash Ketchum cosplayer in the background. You can see the gears turning in his head: "is that a Pokemon? By this point the answer is statistically likely to be yes. I mean, we have trashbags and swords for Pokemon, so why not?"

Published Dec. 10th 2015

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