Resident Evil 2 HD Being Developed By Italian Studio

Resident Evil 2 headed to high definition. Italian game studio is making an HD version a reality.

An Italian game company released a video today which shows Resident Evil 2, one of the most popular horror games of the last 20 years, with high-definition visuals in an early alpha test. The company, which goes by the name of InvaderGames, seems serious about this effort, labeling the HD remake as Resident Evil 2 Reborn HD.

Click on the video above to watch the alpha footage!

According to the studio’s website, the relatively new company formed in 2011. The website states:

“Born from the idea of its founder in 2011, InvaderGames wants to become a consolidated reality in the gaming landscape. InvaderGames is formed by a young team full of passion, a team of Videogamers!”

What is not clear at the moment is whether this remake is officially cleared with Capcom. We have not heard of any official announcements from the Japanese publisher and none of that kind of information is present in the video. However, if the team at InvaderGames can get support from Capcom, we may see one of our favorite RE games back in the spotlight, much like Resident Evil 4: Ultimate HD Edition. Here’s to hoping that everything goes smoothly and we get to enjoy RE2 once again.

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Published Jan. 27th 2014
  • AndrĂ©
    Please do not let this project die! Does anyone know the official website of the Invaders? To track the progress and give every incentive, of course!
  • Aentik
    na this guys must be really newbies yeah the one from this news and site, theres a site on my country who got the info more Complete and extended, they say they will have the 2 camera options Over the shoulder and classi RE capcom style u have both stlyes so dont complaint here is the other video with more characters
  • Rafael_4893
    Looks like the work of someone who thinks RE2 is a shooter. That's a shame.
  • Germ_the_Nobody
    Hey haha yeah wait a second! I didn't notice it before. The whole reason I prefer the first 3 RE games is because of the fixed dramatic and amazing camera angles. Screw this third-person crap!
  • Germ_the_Nobody
    ohhhhh I hope it becomes official!! I've been waiting for the REAL Resident Evil games to be remade for us. The gamecube remake of 1 was incredible but unfortunately was only for that single platform. =p
  • SegaPCFan
    I really can't see this going well, I sadly imagine it's probably going to suffer the same fate as Chrono Resurrection and Streets of Rage Remake: a cease and desist order towards the end of development.

    Of course, if Capcom approves or continues to support this: it could be awesome. They've always shown an interest in fan games, and have continued to support and recently officially release fangames (Megaman X Street Fighter).

    I guess we'll just have to see where this goes as it develops.
  • Michael Full Sail
    Two things:

    1. Impressed that this is being made in Unity.

    2. Wait for the lawsuit from CAPCOM soon...
  • rami_1135
    this is so good to hear but we want for ps4 and ps3

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