Three ways Rocksteady can refresh the Batman franchise

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With the final chapter of the trilogy come and gone, leaving only cash-grabbing DLCs and a somewhat "meh" taste in our mouths, the need of fresh ideas and new approaches, rises yet again. Arkham Knight, while being an OK game overall, certainly failed to impress, mostly because we were forced to play as the Batmobile instead of the main guy, for like 80% of the game.

This already notorious new entry in Batman's arsenal was undoubtedly Rocksteady's attempt at spicing things up, but one that overstayed it's welcome by a lot. 

That being said, the developers do deserve some credit for at least trying to reach an even higher ground than what they've achieved with the, simply put, flawless previous title. Arkham City is still fresh in our memories, and it's spot as the pinnacle of the super-hero video game genre remains undisputed. 

However, Batman is eternal, and so are his abilities to reinvent himself when needed and, simply, he always keeps on striving for perfection. In his 70-something years of history, this particular comic-book hero has not just rightfully earned the enormous spot-light popularity he receives, but also succeeded in something else. He's proven time and time again to deserve our patience and undivided attention, even more so, because some of the very best comic book writers ever elevated him to the hero we know and love today. 

So, as his comic book adventures did "level up" throughout the years, it's only natural to expect the same from his video game career. The same which exists almost solely thanks to Rocksteady's efforts, and their masterful realization of Batman's potential to star in this form of media. 

And now, after they managed to establish themselves as a synonym for quality in video games, we can safely resort to speculating as how can they further improve this gaming franchise. Last we forget, the element of surprise was on Rocksteady's side with Arkham Asylum, but it would take something more substantial to sweep us off our feet again. 

Here are three ways, three concepts, as to how "the perfect Batman game" can become reality. 

Published Jul. 27th 2015
  • Si_W
    Concept 4: release a game that is fit for purpose...

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