Five Steam Games to Watch for in April

Wander by Wander MMO

I've been looking forward to this game for some time. It's a non-combative exploration MMO with a derelict futuristic-fantasy feel. So kind of like an open-world Myst but without those pesky puzzles.

You start off the game as a giant tree-being but through gameplay you can change shapes, which will allow you to explore different environments. I'm looking forward to exploring lush, natural 3D environments without the risk of getting shot, arrowed or otherwise maimed.

I'm less keen on the collaborative elements of Wander. Velvet Sundown, a social mystery MMO tried something similar, in that it requires characters to interact and cooperate to complete scenarios. However, Velvet Sundown has mostly turned into a moderator-free chat room with very little actual gameplay and a very toxic environment. It will be interesting to see how Wander tries to create a community, if at all.

Wander is due to release on Steam in April. It will also be available at a later date for the PS4.

Published Apr. 12th 2015

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