Five Steam Games to Watch for in April

Luna's Wandering Stars by Serenity Forge

This title is a beautiful action-puzzler that uses Newtonian physics. Control the orbits of planets and moons, change their trajectories and density or even break out the lasers while trying to collect asteroids and progress to the next level.

The game promises 200 levels, plus DLC and an in-built level editor to make your own and share online. So theoretically there's endless replayability for this little gem. 

Luna's Wandering Stars looks beautiful, but you really need to see it in action to appreciate just how lovely this game looks.

Luna's Wandering Stars will be released on Steam on April 22. It's currently available on Desura, Gamersgate, IndieGameStand, and ShinyLoot for $9.99.

Published Apr. 12th 2015

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