Aragami Developer Lince Works Closes Its Doors

Indie developer Lince Works, responsible for the Aragami games, is closing its doors after nine years.

It's a sad day for fans of the Aragami series. Developer Lince Works, which was founded back in 2014, has revealed on Twitter that it will be closing its doors today. Citing "economic context" as an issue, it seems that the studio was underway on a new project that will unfortunately never see the light of day. You can read the full message below.

Expressing gratitude for both its dev team and the community that has supported it, Lince Works signs off this letter by saying the journey has been an unforgettable one. The studio also vows to help those affected by this news land on their feet and continue their careers in gaming.

While known only for the Aragami series, Lince Works showed tremendous talent in adapting unique art styles to interesting gameplay concepts. You would never mistake these games for big-budget fare, but there was a certain charm to skulking in the shadows and taking out foes that has been missing from gaming for a long time. We also don't know what title was in the works from the studio, which could have shifted genres entirely.

If you'd still like to play either Aragami game, both will remain available for purchase on their respective storefronts. Online co-op will remain accessible for the foreseeable future and is a solid way to experience the thrills that Aragami  and Aragami 2 offer. The series is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch with cross-platform multiplayer support.


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Published Mar. 7th 2023

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