Bravely Second: End Layer coming tomorrow to the 3DS

Bravely Second: End Layer Hits stores on the 15th of april.

The highly anticipated sequel to Bravely Default is making its way to the 3DS systems this coming Friday, April 15. Since its release in 2014, Bravely Default has gathered fans with its fresh take on the turn-based, risk-versus-reward combat system. In Bravely Second: End Layer, players can expect the same high quality gameplay that developer Square Enix has come to be known for.

Bravely Second: End Layer picks up a few years after the events of Bravely Default. Players can expect to see some familiar faces like Tiz and Edea joining up with new ones to rescue an old friend. Although there are many returning characters, players can expect a brand new storyline that is suited to newcomers and veterans of the game alike.

Job classes are coming back as well. In Bravely Second: End Layer, players can choose from 30 unique job classes that can be assigned to and mastered by the characters in the game. Most of the previous job classes from Bravely Default will be returning in Bravely Second: End Layer. Players will also have access to new jobs like a Wizard, a Fencer, and even a Catmancer -- a necromancer, but with cats!

There is also a new “Favorites” feature in Bravely Second: End Layer. Players can now save their favorite job, abilities and equipment configurations for their party to easily switch between them whenever they are needed.

If you are still not sold on Bravely Second: End layer, players can try out a free demo titled Bravely Second: End Layer – The Ballad of the Three Cavaliers. If players choose to download this free demo, they can get bonuses that will transfer over to the full game once it is purchased.

You can get your hands on Bravely Second: End Layer starting tomorrow, the 15th at all major retailers and the Nintendo eShop.


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Published Apr. 14th 2016

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