Dota 2 Patch 6.85 announced!

A new patch means a new meta for competitive Dota 2 players. Will they be able to adjust?

An upcoming patch for Dota 2 was announced by IceFrog on the Dota 2 dev forums. The patch is set to be released before the upcoming Dota 2 Majors:

"A new patch will be coming soon, most likely next week, in preparation for the upcoming Major qualifiers. We decided it was better to limit the scope of 6.85 to mostly balance improvements in order to release the update sooner. We'll be aiming to release 6.86 with bigger changes some period after the upcoming Major."           -IceFrog

This is the first patch to balance the meta after The International 2015. 6.85 will most likely play a major role for the upcoming Dota 2 Majors and ESL One New York (October 3th-4th).

Here are the The International 5 stats:

We might see few nerfs or new changes for heroes like Leshrac, Undying, Gyrocopter, Queen of Pain, and even Tusk, Dazzle, or Lifestealer.

This will challenge Dota 2 teams, especially ones like the current TI5 champions Evil Geniuses, and it'll test how well they can adapt to the current meta. Past International champs like Na'Vi, Alliance, and NewBee have all suffered from these after-TI balance patches.

Furthermore, no new hero has been announced with this patch. Maybe we'll see one with the upcoming 6.86 patch, which is said to bring bigger changes to the game.

What upcoming Dota 2 changes are you most excited about? Tell us in the comment section below!

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Published Jun. 15th 2020

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