12 Most Ridiculous Robots in Fallout 4's Automatron DLC

If you like weird, boy do I have the chem for you.

One of the best DLCs for Fallout 4 is Automatron, giving the Sole Survivor the opportunity to build their own customized and unearthly robots. In my tragic journeys through the Capital Wastelands, robots have been the most intriguing prospects to companion or hack. Literally obsessed with the Assaultron's death beam. Not so obsessed after it glitches and decimates one of my settlements. Fortunately, Automatron give you total control: allowing you to build your own robot companions that won't incinerate your populations.

As gamers and game developers know very well, granting players the ability to design things can lead to some rather, uh - visually confusing results. With outrageous attachments like brain-domes, animal skulls, and arm saws, you can bet the Capital Wasteland is about to get a little weirder.

 Below are 12 of the oddest robot companions we've come across.


"Axel Axeface"

1. He smiles and he axes. Literally zero function beyond smiling and axing things.

Owned by: KingBarbarosa's "Mr Rogers"



2. Maybe this little guy's not ridiculous per se, but he sure looks  too complaisant and non-threatening to be a worthy companion. Amiright?

Owned by: Ser_Twist




"Ruby on the Runway"

3. The result of a real-life Codsworth Halloween costume. It just doesn't work, man.

Owned by: JustHarmony's "Clamps"


"Willy Wrencher"

4. "HEY! Got anything you need fastened or tightened? No? Oh. Well, back into the closet I guess."

Owned by: Sayomi-Neko


"Jeremiah Junkyard"

5. Jigsaw reimagined in 2278. Ugly as sin.

Owned by: SentientJelly's "Malpractice"


"Barnabas Bullworthy"

6. If this mechanical bull had it his way, it  would probably end up on top of you.

Owned by: Qunser's "Fisto"



7. Less weird, more bad-ass: this terrifying  murderer even keeps the Deathclaws up at night.

Owned by: trx131's "The Lopper"


"50 Cent"

8. Codsworth - upgraded into post-apocalyptic war tank. What am I even looking at.

Owned by: illiteratefrog


"Hell on Legs"

9. Demon wings? Check. Demon horns? Check. Hell fire? Rather not know.

Owned by: srlapo's "Erinyes"


"Daniel Dome-face"

10. Pancake-head looks like a fast runner.

Owned by: Lashmer's "Corporal Beckett"


"Mobile Trash Compactor"

11. Just when you thought the future includes trash cans on wheels.

Owned by: shmarashwanna


"Literally a brain with purple legs"

12. If I had a chance to transfer my worst enemy into a robot, this is exactly what I'd insert them into. Run, brainy, run!

Owned by: Ragekritz's "Jezebel"


 What are the weirdest robots you've ever seen or created? Let us know in the comments section below!

Published May. 24th 2016

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