MarchQuest - the New RPG Fitness App, Out Now on iOS

Love gaming and keeping fit? Now you can combine the two with this unique RPG that utilizes your daily exercise to move the story along.

MarchQuest is a role-playing game and a fitness app all in one, from independent developers Loreful. Whilst playing, you are able to track your fitness level through distance, time, pace, the number of steps you’ve taken, and even how many calories you’ve burned.

The game works with your personal fitness level or preferred choice of exercise. You can walk, hike or run to progress through the game, and every step you take in the real world goes towards unlocking more of MarchQuest’s immersive story and gameplay.

"With MarchQuest, we've designed an experience that works for every player. Whether you are just getting back into daily walking or are already an avid runner, MarchQuest works at your pace and activity level."
- Aharon Cagle, Creative Director & Founder at Loreful.

On the RPG side, you play as The MarchWarden - a hero travelling the war-torn lands of Vale in the hopes of uniting the country’s people and putting an end to their civil war, before the world of Vale falls to ruin once and for all.


As you journey through this fantasy land, you'll meet a variety of interesting characters, some of whom will join you on your quest. Each of the 20 quests in the game so far begin and end with a dialogue sequence in which you, as the player, will decide how the story will progress through the choices you make at these points.

MarchQuest blends the real world around you with the fantasy world of Vale to bring you a unique storytelling experience.  The detailed design in the game includes life-like characters, complete with fully 3D rendered animation and high quality voice over.  


Various milestones and achievements awarded as you progress through the story will help to keep you motivated. The game can be also integrated with the Apple Health app, so you can keep all of your fitness data together in one place. You can even listen to your own playlists or a favorite music app whilst you play. 

“Season 1” of MarchQuest, all of which is available now, contains 20 quests (or workouts), each of which take around 30-45 mins to complete in real time, giving you over 10 hours of gameplay and exercise.

MarchQuest is available now worldwide for iPhone on the App Store for $4.99 (£3.50). There are plans in place to release the game for the Apple Watch and on Android in 2017.


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Published Sep. 1st 2016

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