Amusement Park Management Simulation Parkitect Released

Amusement park management simulation game Parkitect is released on steam and official page.

Recently, game developing studio Texel Raptor released their first game, Parkitect, on Steam. It is an amusement park management simulation game. 

In the game, players are the manager of an amusement park called "Funtown City". As the manager, players will need to invest in food vending stores, bathrooms, roller coasters, carousels, and other amusement rides to attract and maintain customers in the amusement park. Also, players can monitor check tourists' movement and happiness level so they can improve service and revenue.

Overhead View of Funtown City

Roller coaster in normal view

Roller coaster in engineering view and seeing excitement points of the ride

According to Texel Raptor, this game also features:

  • Tools to build the theme park of your dreams
  • A robust, piece-based roller coaster designer to let you build the greatest roller coaster you can think of
  • Detailed guest behaviors. Watch them take the train to that new section of the park, or read their map to find a ride
  • Build efficient transport infrastructures to keep your park stocked
  • Maintain the illusion by hiding utility structures and the inner workings of the park from guests
  • Extensive support for mods and custom content

Parkitect is now available to be downloaded via their official website and Steam. It is playable on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.

Published May. 10th 2016

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