Ouya: It's Here -- Now Publicly Available

The Ouya is out now, and Amazon is sold out!

The Ouya is out! A post on Twitter announced its release this morning. If you haven't ordered it from Amazon yet, it's already sold out. I have to admit I don't really know too much about the Ouya personally so I started digging through the internet to find out more.

The Console

After doing some research, I've learned that this system is like a computer. You can run things like Twitch.tv, Crunchyroll, and iheartradio. A big feature for the Ouya is the fact that you can try every game before you buy it. This is a most intriguing concept; it cuts out the need for companies like Blockbuster and Gamefly, saving the user money if they decide the game isn't for them. The Ouya contains a NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor, 1gb of RAM, and 8 gb of internal memory, which you can add onto via a USB device. One more unique feature of the console is the company welcomes you to open it up and take a look inside--no other company has ever taken that stance on a gaming console.

The Games

There are a plethora of games already released for the Ouya. A whopping 173 games to be exact. All of which are digital downloads, so no need to go anywhere to pick up a copy. One of the many titles available is Final Fantasy III. Additionally two emulator programs for the Super Nintendo are listed on the the Ouya's available games. There are multiplayer games that can be played by linking four Ouyas together or going online.

My Thoughts

Overall, I don't see myself getting the Ouya; there aren't enough games that'd I'd be interested in on the console. It's a great concept, so I won't belittle the Ouya at all, I am just hard to impress when it comes to games. If you're looking to get an Ouya, head over to Ouya.tv to place an order since Amazon is currently sold out! Happy gaming!

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Published Jun. 25th 2013

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