System Shock remake successfully funded in over a week

The cult classic is coming back, thanks to Kickstarter.

System Shock was released for the PC over 20 years ago and was met with critic acclaim. Twenty years later the PC classic is still beloved by many PC gamers -- so much so that a remake was announced after an enhanced edition of the game was released back in 2015.

On June 28th, Night Dive Games, the team behind the enhanced edition of System Shock, launched a Kickstarter for the remake, with a goal of $900,000. Within 24 hours, the project gained half of it's goal. Now, it has already reached the goal, only a week and a half after the project was launched. Night Dive even tweeted the news, with a thank you to all those who backed the project.

With only 19 more days left to back the project for stretch goals, it's a safe bet that the project will meet all those Them. Let's just hope it doesn't end up like another Kickerstarter game....


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Published Jul. 9th 2016

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