No Escape: By Far The Hardest Chapter in Uncharted 4

The twentieth chapter in Uncharted 4 will probably make you want to throw your controller at the wall.

As gamers, we all like a good challenge now and then. But there always comes a time in gaming where we find ourselves going crazy over a seemingly impossible section or level that takes us hundreds of tries to get past. And I've found that part of Uncharted 4. 

The chapter, known as "No Escape", took me two days to beat. And it was incredibly frustrating. (Did I mention that it was on crushing mode?)

I have played every Uncharted game on crushing mode, and it has been a challenge. This chapter, however, was more than a challenge -- it was a test of will. Whoever designed the beginning of this chapter should be questioned. Because while I was playing it, I spent most of my time punching my couch and spewing out a barrage of foul words.

The chapter is called No Escape because it's almost impossible to escape from the first encounter. I remember having dozens of henchmen raining down on me all at once and I barely had time to think of a strategy. You could go forward, right, or left, but it won't stop you from dying multiple times. I remember jumping on the mast of the ships to get to higher ground, only to die by grenades, and I also remember going under water to get behind them, only to die by gunfire. This chapter, particularly the beginning, was all about persistence.

Anyone who's played this game might agree with me, but are there any other parts that you thought were more challenging? Please share your thoughts!


Published Aug. 30th 2016

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