How to Reset Skills and Respec in Nioh 2

Looking for a way to respec your character in Nioh 2? Here's a simple guide on how to reset your skills.

Building your character in Nioh 2 may not always go the way you envision it. Maybe the build you've targeted hasn't performed as well as you'd expect. In that case, you might want to change things. This guide will show you how to reset skills and respec your character in Nioh 2.

Resetting skills and respeccing is available quite early in the game, and all you need to do is find a single item. 

Step 1: Unlock Book of Reincarnation

The Book of Reincarnation is your holy grail if you're looking to reset your skills. You can get this item in several ways. 

The simplest way of unlocking the Book of Reincarnation is to buy it from a blacksmith, which becomes available after you complete your first couple of missions in Nioh 2.

The cost of your first Book of Reincarnation is 10,000 gold. If you want to buy a second one for your next respec, then it will cost you 30,000 gold. So make sure that you're using it wisely.

The book can also be unlocked after completing The Point of No Return mission or by purchasing it at the Hidden Teahouse for Glory (clan rank points).

But these two methods come in handy only in the later parts of the game, so opt for the blacksmith instead.

Step 2: Reset Your Skills and Respec

When you obtain the Book of Reincarnation, this is how you use it:

  1. Go to the starting point on the map.
  2. Choose Hut.
  3. Select Store House.
  4. Open your inventory.
  5. Select the Book of Reincarnation.

Once used, your skills will fully reset, and you can redistribute all your Amrita once again at the Shrine.


That's how you can reset your skills and respec your character in Nioh 2. Be sure to come back soon for more related guides at GameSkinny.


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Published Feb. 16th 2021

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