New Darksiders 3 DLC Is Available Now

Darksiders 3's The Crucible expansion features a challenging arena with plenty of new gear and items available for those able to overcome its hardships.

THQ Nordic's Darksiders 3 hasn't been out for long, but its first major DLC expansion, The Crucible, is now available on all platforms. The new content provided by this DLC tests players' skills by pitting them against seemingly endless waves of powerful enemies. The payout for surviving includes various rare crafting materials, never-before-seen enchantments, and some brand new armor sets as well.

The Crucible is set up like an arena challenge — described in the game as the ultimate test of a warrior's strength. It's an event talked about only in whispers, and it is overseen by Targon, the only challenger ever able to successfully conquer the Crucible.

Due to its exclusive nature, players have to face specific trials before they can even enter the Crucible and begin their first challenge. Specifically, they must find and capture the first Deadly Sin to gain access to the Crucible and unlock the first 25 enemy waves. Doing the same for the second Deadly Sin unlocks the next 25 waves, and this continues until they've cleared 100 waves without dying.

The Crucible gives you a chance to experience its challenges without going all in, though. If you clear five waves without dying, for example, you can take your loot and walk away, or you can put everything on the line and try to clear all 100 waves. If you manage to do that without dying, then you unlock the Crucible's ultimate challenge.

Darksiders 3 was met with mixed reviews upon its release, with critics, including our own, praising its improvements over previous installments, while lamenting the lack of major changes or innovations in the overall setup. With this first expansion, it seems THQ Nordic is working on addressing these complaints, providing a healthy dose of new material and offering items that are useful in the main game as well.


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Published Feb. 26th 2019

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