Xbox One Changing in Response to Consumer Feedback!

Microsoft is giving us the best of both worlds with new changes to the Xbox One!

Gamers have spoken and Microsoft has listened!Ladies and Gentlemen, Microsoft has announced some ground-breaking changes to the Xbox One. The new console took some serious heat after its E3 appearance. Its 24-hr check-in requirement and its inability to function without an internet connection had people blasting Microsoft with criticism.But today, Microsoft showed us that it really does listen. Granted, it is probably out of a fear of sales loss, but still, we'll take what we can get. So here are the changes you can look forward to with the redesigned Xbox One: No more required internet connection. The Xbox One requires a one time check-in at set-up, but after that the Xbox One is as portable as an Xbox 360. Plus, you can play any disk games without checking into the internet at all. Luckily, this doesn't mean we are losing our internet capabilities. We can still play the Xbox One just as they originally marketed it, but now we have options. No limitations on using or sharing your disk games. You can share them, gift them, trade them in, resell them. Anything you want. The disks are under your command. The only downside is that the disk game will have to be in the tray, but hey, we do that anyways so it really isn't a big deal. No regional restrictions. Portable, portable, portable. I am ecstatic right now! Games can still be downloaded on release date via the internet, but any downloaded games cannot be shared or resold so keep that in mind when buying.Xbox One is giving us the best of both worlds and so far it seems like gamers could not be happier!Are you ready for the Xbox One? Let me know what you think in the comments below!Also check out the following: Xbox One Online Requirement and Used Game Restrictions Gone!


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Published Jun. 19th 2013
  • kdwill13
    I'm still a broke graduated college student with no job. Not getting any systems anytime soon, but this is good news. People keep saying vote with your wallets, but this proved that such a thing was not necessary. Maybe we can change other things in the industry if we make loud enough noise with enough people.

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