Mibibli's Quest Re-Released on Steam with Added Content

One of the strangest and best 2D Platformers that you never played has been re-released on Steam with bonus content at a bargain of a price!

(NSFW)Mibibli's Quest, the truly mad and truly excellent 2D Platformer from last year, was re-released just last week on Steam with added content.For those of you not familiar with Mibibli's Quest (a safe assumption being that that is most if not all of you), it is a 2D Platforming game developed solely by Ryan Melmoth. It seems to have been primarily inspired by the Mother series as well as Mega Man, and it is home to some of the freshest ideas seen in a Platformer in years.The game was originally available for free/pay-what-you-want download on itch.io; But the new version costs about the same as the recommended payment and contains new content not found in the original. It is a game with solid core mechanics that constantly changes up. Each level has a new core concept or hook that plays with the basic controls and abilities that you start with, as well those given to you throughout the course of the game, and memorably distinct NPC's are around every corner just to give you something to laugh about. The level's hooks range from playing pseudo-DDR in order to keep yourself from getting shot by turrets to you're jumping between platforms set in binary code, to even a quick Street Fighter style fighting game level.It never gets stale at any point.Be warned that this game contains a variety of graphic content. It contains mild violent, religious, and sexual imagery, as well as occasional hard-cursing, although none of it is very intense or truly offensive. If none of this bothers you, have it. It's a Platformer that's challenging, charming, freaky, funny, sexual, but above all else unique and memorable. And fun, let's not forget fun.The game is also only $6.00, so you're getting a bargain on top of all of this. If you want to you can also pay an additional $4.00 if you want to snag the game's official soundtrack. You want to spend those extra $4.00, trust me. Mibibli's Quest has a next level soundtrack (picking just one track to show off here was very, VERY difficult).With all that said, go check out Mibibli's Quest. It's a grand gaming experience you aren't likely to forget.Every penny you throw at it will be well spent. For a full review of the game by somebody else click here.


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Published Aug. 9th 2016

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