Animentals Codes (February 2024)

Get Rolls and Coins in Animentals on Roblox using these codes!

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Updated: February 19, 2024

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Do you love anime but also the power of the elements? Now, a Roblox experience lets you avoid choosing one or the other. And of course, free goodies make any experience more fun. Here’s a list of all the active codes you can redeem in Animentals!

Animentals Codes List

Animentals is newly released, so there aren’t too many codes yet. However, there are enough to get you some free rolls and extra coins!

Animentals Codes (Active)

  • HIGHCOIN: 1000 Coins (New)
  • UPDATE2: 15 Spins (New)
  • 5KLIKES: 1000 Coins (New)
  • NEWYEAR: 5 Rolls (New)
  • WINTER: 5 Rolls
  • EZSPINS: 5 Rolls
  • ELEMENTIUUM: 10 Elementium
  • LETSROLL : 3 Rolls
  • GAMERELEASE : 1,000 Coins
  • EZROLLS: 5 Rolls
  • GETROLL: 3 Rolls
  • RELEASEYAY: 1,000 Coins

Animentals Codes (Expired)

There are currently no expired codes for Animentals.

How to Redeem Animentals Codes

Redeeming Animentals codes is a bit different compared to other Roblox experiences. So, when you have it launched and you’re ready for free rewards, follow these steps.

  1. Go into the menu, which can be done by pressing “M.”
  2. Select the bird icon that used to be the symbol for Twitter.
  3. Enter your code into the text box.
  4. Hit Redeem and enjoy your rewards!

How to Find More Animentals Codes

There are multiple ways you can find new codes when they’re added. First, you can join the Animentals Discord server. Or you can follow the creator on X (formerly Twitter). Then, there’s also the creator’s YouTube channel you can subscribe to. And of course, you can bookmark this page as we work to keep it up-to-date with the latest information.

Why Aren’t My Animentals Codes Working?

The most common reason that an Animental code isn’t working is from entering it incorrectly. They’re case-sensitive, so make sure you enter it exactly as it’s shown and that there are no spaces before or after it. If you’ve already used the code, you won’t be able to claim it again, and it will show as invalid. And finally, it’s possible that the code has since expired because they’re only active for a short amount of time.

That wraps up our list of codes for Animentals, but your journey for rewards doesn’t have to end here. Plenty of creators on Roblox release codes that can be used to get free rewards to help you get started or get ahead. And you can head over to our codes hub to see what other goodies are available right now in other experiences!

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