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Bow Battle Arena Codes

Get free bows and coins by using Bow Battle Arena codes in Roblox.

In this archery-based game, the appearance of your trusty bow and arrow isn’t the only thing that changes. Each also has a unique death animation for when you score a kill. And you can get some different bows by using these Bow Battle Arena codes in Roblox.

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All Codes List for Bow Battle Arena

While most Bow Battle Arena codes give you a unique bow, you can also get coins from plugging them in. I prefer the coin codes so that I can choose what to purchase with them in-game, but I won’t lie that getting anything — even another weapon with a unique animation — for free is never a bad thing.

Bow Battle Arena Codes (Active)

  • albert: Epic Albert Bow.
  • chase: Epic Chaseroony Bow.
  • kreek: Epic Kreek Bow.
  • LAUNCH: 1000 Coins.
  • NEWYEAR: 2024 Coins.
  • sketch: Epic Sketch Bow.

Bow Battle Arena Codes (Expired)

There are currently no expired codes for Bow Battle Arena.

How to Redeem Bow Battle Arena Codes

Like some other popular Roblox experiences, like Toilet Defense Tycoon, you’ll find that you need to navigate through Settings to redeem Bow Battle Arena codes. Here’s how to get there after you launch the game.

Roblox Bow Battle Arena Settings Menu
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  1. Select the gear icon for Settings on the left side of your screen.
  2. Type your code into the text box at the bottom of the menu.
  3. Hit the green check-mark and get your freebies!

Why aren’t My Bow Battle Arena Codes Working?

If your Bow Battle Arena codes aren’t working, make sure you entered them correctly, as they tend to be case sensitive. Also check for any extra spaces before or after the code; having those could keep the code from working.

You can only use codes once, so it might come up invalid if you used that code already. And finally, if nothing is working and you know you haven’t redeemed it before, then it’s likely that the code has expired.

How to Find More Bow Battle Arena Codes

Right now, the best way to get information on new codes is to join the Banjo Lady Roblox group or join the Death Bows Discord server. Of course, you can also bookmark this page and check back as we work to keep it up-to-date with the latest codes.

And that wraps up our list of codes for Bow Battle Arena in Roblox. I always appreciate when codes offer you a variety of options instead of just either cosmetics or currency. But from here, if you want more free items across other experiences, head to our codes hub and browse the selection!

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