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Updated: November 28, 2023

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As a One Piece fan, I love trying all Roblox games that let me explore more of that setting. Cat Piece puts an extra F in Luffy, making your favorite pirates a tad more feline. Cat powers, however, don’t mean you won’t need Geli and Diamonds to progress. 

Cat Piece codes will help with a generous sum of Geli, the main currency for purchasing weapons, boats, and everything else that makes a good pirate into a great pirate. Getting familiarized with Cat Piece is initially challenging, so free Stat Resets can be crucial to test different builds and find the perfect one for you. And, if you’re looking for more One Piece-inspired games, check out Roblox Blox Fruits codes and claim more freebies!

All Cat Piece Codes List

Cat Piece Codes (Working)

  • Sorry: Stat Reset and 7 Diamonds (New)
  • sevenstatreset: Stat Reset (New)
  • LOFIJIAN_IS_COOL: x100 Diamonds
  • STATRESET7Q: x7 Diamonds and a Stat Reset
  • catpiecesucks: Stat Reset and Geli
  • DEADLY1: Geli
  • UPDATE1.1STATRESET: Stat Reset
  • 7QSTATRESET: Stat Reset
  • 70DSTATRESETCATPIECE: x70 Diamonds and a Stat Reset
  • SpiderVerse: Stat Reset
  • 7QUESTSTUDIOYOUTUBE: x1 million Geli
  • MEOW: Drop Chance Boost
  • SUB2DEADLYKRZ: x10 million Geli

Cat Piece Codes (Expired)

  • CANDYCANEUPDATE!: x70 million Geli
  • ONEPIECEISREAL!: x70 million Geli
  • XMASCATPIECE!: x30 million Geli
  • QUAKEUPDATE!: 30 million Geli
  • HALLOWEENUPDATE!: x100 million Geli
  • DRAGONV3UPDATE!: Free Geli
  • TY1KSUBS!: Goro V2 Fruit
  • DOUGHV2UPDATE!: x100 million Geli
  • PIECEONLINEREWORK: x70 million Geli
  • SUB2DEADLYKRZ: x10 million Geli
  • 5KV500KG: x500K Geli
  • SUB2CAPTAINMAUI: x5 million Geli
  • 7HUPV700T: x700k Geli
  • GG100M!: x100 million Geli
  • 5KGMTY10M: x10 million Geli
  • SUB2DEADLY_KRZ: x2 million Geli
  • 100KG2KVZ: x100k Geli
  • CLOSINGEVENT2022: x7 million Geli
  • 1KLNICE50M!: x50 million Geli
  • MEOW!: x300 million Geli

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How to Redeem Codes in Cat Piece

Redeeming codes in Cat Piece is a piece of cake. All you have to do is follow the steps below:

How to redeem Cat Piece codes
Screenshot by GameSkinny
  1. Launch Cat Piece on Roblox.
  2. Click the red Menu button on the left side of the screen.
  3. Press the Codes button to open the code redemption box.
  4. Insert your code into the Type your code here text box.
  5. Click Redeem to claim your rewards.

How Can You Get More Cat Piece Codes?

You can hunt for more Cat Piece codes by sailing the seas of social media. The official Cat Piece Discord server is a great starting point, but you can also check out the developers’ YouTube channel (@7queststudio) and X account (@Deadly_Krz).

However, there’s no need to chase the Cat Piece codes across all the social networks when we collect them and compile them in one place for you. You can bookmark this page to always stay up to date with the latest releases.

Why Are My Cat Piece Codes Not Working?

If you get the Code invalid or expired message when redeeming Cat Piece codes, it means you encountered one of the two common problems. Double-check your spelling for any potential typos. Pay attention to all the details, such as capitalization and exclamation marks. We recommend copying and pasting codes directly into the game to avoid this issue.

The Expired code part of the message is self-explanatory. As with most Roblox games, Cat Piece codes don’t last forever. If you find an invalid code on our Working list, let us know in the comments so we can get to the bottom of the problem and update the article accordingly.

Other Ways to Get Free Fruit in Cat Piece

No need to rely on Cat Piece codes only—Fruit in this game spawns randomly all around the map every ten minutes. Sometimes, Fruit can hide in the least expected places, so take your time to explore the world thoroughly. Getting the Fruit Notifier will ensure you’ll always take advantage of every drop. Aside from that, you can get more Fruit by spinning the Gacha Wheel near the spawn point and clearing the Dungeons.

What Is Cat Piece?

Cat Piece is a Roblox RPG experience inspired by the popular anime One Piece but with a feline twist. Instead of the bandits you would expect from a game based on this familiar franchise, you fight enemies such as Cat Thugs. Solve quests, level up, unlock boats, and explore exciting new islands. Only the strongest pirates can earn the spot on the leaderboard. Are you one of them?

For those looking for more free stuff in other Roblox games, we recommend exploring the rest of our dedicated Roblox Codes section—we have freebies for all of your favorite titles!

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