Echocalypse Codes (February 2024)

Protect humanity with the help of beautiful kemono girls and Echocalypse codes!

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Updated February 27, 2024

New code added!

Become the sole hope of Earth and train gorgeous anime kimono girls to eliminate enemies in Echocalypse. Go on expeditions to battle NPC opponents, engage in PvP cage fights, and enter dungeons in Abyssal Dive. And don’t forget to upgrade your team to the highest tier!

Upgrade materials are essential for increasing the power of your team, so get them for free with Echocalypse codes! If you want to build an SSR team faster, claim extra crystals to exchange for gacha pulls. You’ll also get custom frames and backgrounds that you can change whenever you like! If you want to explore another visually stunning game, check out our All Genshin Impact Codes article and claim wondrous prizes as you travel through Teyvat!

All Echocalypse Codes List

Active Echocalypse Codes

  • KURIDOROTHY: Rewards (New)
  • ac24kr23ps: Draw Item 1, Tribute Points 60k, Action Points Recovery Item 2 (New)
  • NEKOMIMI: Rewards
  • MORI211: Rewards
  • VALENTINE2024: 1 Avatar Frame, x3 Action Points Recovery Items, x5 Favorability Gifts, and x2 Draw Items
  • 35KFOLLOWERS: Rewards
  • DRAGONYEAR: x5 S Elementium, x4 Action Points Recovery Item, x1 Avatar Frame and x1 SSR Surprise Box
  • gs68rc92fn: Random Special Chimera Chest*1, and Multicore Artifact Matrix*5
  • HORUS128: Free rewards
  • gs68rcy37b: Modification Protocol IV*50, and Crystalline Cells*300
  • CHIRAHA114: Rewards
  • wa4y2d19hu: 5 Generic Bio-Chip III, 10 Mission Data IV
  • wa4y4d12kn: 20 Nurture Solution III and 2 Echo Crystal Flake
  • ECHO2024: Happy New Year frame, 100 Iridimorphite and 2 Nutrient Solution
  • FBFRIENDS: 500 Iridimorphite
  • GRYPH17: 30,000 Tribute Points, 100 Iridimorphite, and 5 Random SSR Affinity Gift Bag
  • wa4y4d05qs: Random SSR Affinity Gift Chest x10, and Iridimorphite x60
  • SGR2023: Sagittarius Avatar Frame and Echo Memory Avatar Frame
  • ECHOXMAS2023: Avatar Frame, Action Points Recovery Item, Furniture, and Favorability Gift 
  • WINTER2023: Solar Term background – Winter Solstice and “A Bowl of Dold Winter” Frame 

Expired Echocalypse Codes

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How to Redeem Codes in Echocalypse

Learn how to redeem Echocalypse codes to get unique rewards with the help of our guide. Just follow the steps below:

How to redeem codes in Echocalypse.
Screenshot by GameSkinny
  1. Launch Echocalypse on your device.
  2. Tap the avatar icon in the top-left corner of your screen.
  3. Go into the Basic Data tab.
  4. Tap on the Redeem Code button.
  5. Type the code into the text box.
  6. Tap Confirm and get your goodies!

How Can You Get More Echocalypse Codes?

Get information on Echocalypse codes by following the X account (@Echocalypse_SEA), joining the Echocalypse Discord server, and exploring the official Facebook page. This way, you’ll stay in the loop, but at the cost of scrolling through numerous unrelated posts.

We recommend bookmarking this page instead. You’ll find it easier to scroll through our article, where we put all the working codes in one place, than to browse between different socials on your own.   

Why Are My Echocalypse Codes Not Working?

If you’ve missed your chance to claim certain goodies, next time, make sure to be faster when redeeming Echocalypse codes. Unfortunately, codes for this game expire after a while, so come back often to see if we have something new.

However, before you assume that a code has expired if it’s not giving you any freebies, double-check your spelling. If you’ve made the slightest typo, the whole code becomes invalid. Typing on a mobile keyboard isn’t so convenient, so use our guide to copy/paste codes directly into the text box.

Other Ways to Get Free Rewards in Echocalypse

Besides claiming freebies by redeeming Echocalypse codes, check your in-game mailbox often, as you’ll receive free goodies on certain occasions. There is also a free four-star companion that you can claim in the gacha tutorial. The game offers a free case to introduce you to essential upgrade materials for boosting your team.

What Is Echocalypse?

Echocalypse is a post-apocalyptic turn-based RPG title featuring god-slaying kemono girls. Pick between two designs for your MC and begin the journey as the Awakener. One day, your sibling gets kidnapped, and a group of lovely kemono girls decides to help you rescue her. This fateful event will lead to the creation of an organization led by your character. Your task is to train your heroes to become victorious against enemies that stand in the way of revealing the truth behind the origins of the cataclysm.

Find more codes for your favorite games by visiting the rest of our Codes section and grab many marvelous prizes!

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