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Grand Piece Online (GPO) Codes (June 2024)

Get the latest Grand Piece Online codes and loot free rewards!

Updated: June 18, 2024

Added a new code!

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One Piece captivated me with its promise of adventure, and Grand Piece Online captures the whimsical feel of the series perfectly. Exploring the vast map and all the hidden islands is my favorite part of the game. However, leveling up in battle takes a lot of grinding.

I only have so much patience for fighting bandits. Luckily, Grand Piece Online codes are there to lend a helping hand. Some of the rewards are 2x Drop Rate boosts and Race Rerolls. They are a great way to improve your character and make reaching the Second Sea much more pleasant. And, if you don’t want your seafaring journey to end, check out our King Legacy codes and loot more awesome freebies.

All Grand Piece Online Codes Codes List

Grand Piece Online Codes Codes (Working)

  • BENERE: x20 Race Rolls (New)
  • MOBILEISOUT: 24 hours of 2x drop rate (New)
  • MOBILESOON4: Free Rerolls
  • MOBILESOON3: Free Rerolls
  • MOBILESOON2: x10 Rerolls
  • MOBILESOON: x20 Rerolls
  • SHESAYSSENPAI: Free rewards
  • ABYSSALKARATE: x10 Rolls
  • FISHMANV2SOON_2: x10 Race Rerolls
  • FISHMANV2SOON: 48-hour x2 Drop Boost
  • MOONLIGHTASCENSION4: x10 Race Rerolls
  • MOONLIGHTASCENSION3: 48-hour x2 Drop Boost
  • MOONLIGHTASCENSION2: x10 Race Rerolls
  • HAPPYNEWYEARS2XDROP: 48-hour x2 Drop Boost
  • FREE10ROLLS5: x10 Rolls
  • FREE48HR2XDROP5: 48-hour x2 Drop Boost
  • HAPPYTHANKSGIVING: x30 Race Rerolls

Grand Piece Online Codes Codes (Expired)

  • FREE24HR2XDROP4: 2x Drop Rate
  • FREE24HR2XDROP3: 2x Drop Rate
  • 350K2XRACEREROLLS: x2 Race Rerolls
  • 900K30REROLLS: Free Rolls
  • FREE24HR2XDROP3: Double Drop Boost
  • SUB2SCIGPO: Devil Fruit Reset
  • SPRESET2: Stat Reset
  • free1HR2XDROP: x1 hour 2x Drop Rate
  • 485KLIKESSPRESET: Stat Reset
  • SUB2LAMA: x10 minute 2x Drop Rate
  • CHRISTMASDFRESET: Devil Fruit Reset
  • 285K2XRACEREROLL: x2 Race Rerolls
  • 305KLIKES2XRACEREROLLS: x2 Race Rerolls
  • 770KLIKES18XRACEREROLLS: x18 Race Rerolls
  • SURVIVORGR3GG: Stat Reset
  • SUB2VZNITY: Devil Fruit Reset
  • 360K2XRACEREROLLS: x2 Race Rerolls
  • V2640KLIKES23XRACEREROLL: x23 Race Rerolls
  • 535KLIKES16XRACEREROLL: x16 Race Rerolls
  • 340K2XRACEREROLLS: x2 Race Rerolls
  • 470K14XRACEREROLLS: x14 free Race Rerolls
  • FruitResetCookie: Stat Reset
  • SUB2THIEFDAYZ: x15 minute 2x Drop Rate
  • sub2kamikazeqt: Stat Reset
  • GOROFLIGHT: x15 minute 2x Drop Rate
  • 50ROLLS: x50 Race Rerolls
  • Sub2HunterGodSlayer: Stat Reset
  • 480KLIKESSPRESET: Stat Reset
  • 290KLIKESDFRESET: Devil Fruit Reset
  • 900K30REROLLS: Race Rerolls
  • FREE2XEXPFROMTEABAQ1YT: x10 minute 2x Drop Rate
  • 125KSUBSDFRESET: Devil Fruit Reset
  • FREEDFRESET: Devil Fruit Reset
  • FREE1HOUR2XDROPRATE: x1 hour 2x Drop Rate
  • 335KLIKES2XRACEREROLLS: x2 Race Rerolls
  • SPRESET1: Stat Reset
  • 100KSUB2XRACEREROLLS: x2 Race Rerolls
  • 640KLIKES23XRACEREROLL: x23 Race Rerolls
  • 16RACEREROLLS: All Seeing Eye
  • 2Y8ZTHEGOAT: Stat Reset
  • DomlolXPhoeyu: Stat Reset
  • 120KSUBS2XRACEREROLLS: x2 Race Rerolls
  • RichestPlug: Devil Fruit Reset
  • MistYuuTT: x10 minute 2x Drop Rate
  • DAHNOOBDFRESET: Devil Fruit Reset
  • CHRISTMASDFNOTIFIER: x240m Devil Fruit Notifier
  • 280KLIKESSPRESET: Stat Reset
  • 320KLIKES2XRACEREROLLS: x2 Race Rerolls
  • phogiving: x24h Devil Fruit Notifier
  • SPRESET4: Stat Reset
  • 130KSUBSSPRESET: Stat Reset
  • 115KSUBSPRESET: Stat Reset
  • 345K2XRACEREROLLS: x2 Race Rerolls
  • 325KLIKES2XRACEREROLLS: x2 Race Rerolls
  • 355K2XRACEREROLLS: x2 Race Rerolls
  • 720KLIKES32XRACEREROLL: x32 Race Rerolls
  • 315KLIKESSSPRESET: Stat Reset
  • GPOZachMemes: Stat Reset
  • Havocthe3rdXTester: Stat Reset
  • SPRESET3: Stat Reset

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How to Redeem Codes in Grand Piece Online Codes

You can redeem codes in Grand Piece Online by following these simple steps:

How to redeem Grand Piece Online codes
Screenshot by GameSkinny
  1. Launch Grand Piece Online in Roblox.
  2. Press M on your keyboard to open the menu.
  3. Click the red cogwheel icon to open Settings.
  4. Insert your code into the Enter Code text box.
  5. Press Enter to claim your rewards.

How Can You Get More Grand Piece Online Codes?

Developers typically release the newest GPO codes on their official social media accounts. You can find them in the Grand Quest Games Discord server or in the videos on the official YouTube channel (@Phoeyu). Searching for codes can get tedious, but there’s a more convenient way to get them fast. Bookmark this article and occasionally check back to see what’s new.

Why Are My Grand Piece Online Codes Not Working?

Since Grand Piece Online codes are often rather lengthy and complicated, it’s easy for a typo to slip in. We recommend copying and pasting the code you want to use from our list into the in-game text box to avoid headaches. If you’re sure the spelling is correct, but your code still gives you the Invalid pop-up message, it means that the code has expired. In such cases, leave us a comment so we can investigate the issue.

Other Ways to Get Free Rewards in Grand Piece Online

Grand Piece Online codes will ensure you never run out of Spins, which will only get you so far. You’ll also need Peli to purchase ships, weapons, and Karoo Food. Completing Quests is a great way to pile them up quickly. You can earn more by finding and opening hidden Chests or by defeating Enemies. Beating Bosses is particularly rewarding.

What Is Grand Piece Online Codes?

Grand Piece Online is an adventure RPG inspired by the world of One Piece. You’re an aspiring pirate traveling from isle to isle, solving tasks and getting stronger by fighting enemies. Create your ideal build that will let you uncover the hidden treasures. You can play the game both solo and with a crew of friends.

If you love Roblox and want to get freebies in your other favorite games, browse through our Roblox Codes section here on GameSkinny!

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