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Play for UGC Codes (July 2024)

Redeem the Play for UGC codes listed below and get cool items for your avatar quickly!

Updated: July 1, 2024

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I love customizing my Roblox avatar, but since all the free items aren’t enough to satisfy my styling wants, I decided to try out Play for UGC! This experience is fairly simple—stay online and clear quests to earn points, and use those points to purchase new cosmetics.

Since this can be a lengthy process, I decided to skip the grind and redeem Play for UGC codes. These codes will give you a bunch of points at once, so you can purchase items you want without spending too much time in the game. And if you want to try creating UGC items yourself or use other players’ creations, check out our UGC Limited Codes article and claim more goodies in no time!

All Play for UGC Codes List

Play for UGC Codes (Working)

  • 60klikes: Rewards (New)
  • howdidyoufindthis: 10k UGC Points
  • likes55k: 6k UGC Points
  • likegoal50k: 5k UGC Points
  • steven: 7.5k UGC Points
  • weird: 7.5k UGC Points
  • drip: 6k UGC Points
  • soon: 6k UGC Points
  • upd4te: 6k UGC Points
  • likenfavgg: 6k UGC Points
  • hard: 6k UGC Points
  • not: 6k UGC Points
  • dia: 6k UGC Points
  • ice: 6k UGC Points
  • higuys: 2k UGC Points
  • newercode: 2k UGC Points
  • guyshi: 2k UGC Points
  • newcode: 2k UGC Points
  • space5k: 5k UGC Points
  • walter: 15k UGC Points
  • thirty5: 7.5k UGC Points
  • twenty5: 5k UGC Points
  • MASKWHEN: 10k UGC Points
  • 20k02: 5k UGC Points
  • 5kdeez: 5k UGC Points
  • p3th: 10k UGC Points
  • backinbiz: 5k UGC Points
  • 3m1l: 7.5k UGC points
  • b3tter: 7.5k UGC points
  • 2kspace: 5k UGC Points
  • hairsocool: 5k UGC Points
  • ihateshutdowns: 5k UGC Points
  • br0kent1mer: 5k UGC Points
  • maskwhen: 5k UGC Points
  • christmas: 15K UGC Points
  • newugc: 10K UGC Points
  • sumex: 5K UGC Points
  • newsmallcode: 5K UGC Points
  • tm951: 5K UGC Points
  • spacewace: 5K UGC Points
  • 12active: 5K UGC Points

Play for UGC Codes (Expired)

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How to Redeem Codes in Play for UGC

Follow the steps below to redeem Play for UGC codes:

How to redeem codes in Play for UGC
Screenshot by GameSkinny
  1. Launch Play for UGC on Roblox.
  2. Click the Codes button on the left side of your screen.
  3. Enter the code you want to redeem into the Enter Code… text box.
  4. Click the red Claim! button to get your reward.

How Can You Get More Play for UGC Codes?

You can find Play for UGC codes by joining the official Play for UGC! Discord server, following the game developer’s X account (@SpaceWaCe), or joining the Sumex Roblox group. Looking for codes on your own can be confusing, though, as not all codes get posted in one place.

A more convenient option is to save this article. We scour the game’s socials so you don’t have to and list all the active codes in one place for easy access. Don’t forget to visit the page occasionally to check for updates.

Why Are My Play for UGC Codes Not Working?

If your Play for UGC codes don’t work, your first step should be double-checking your spelling. Codes are case-sensitive and must be entered as they appear to be accepted, so consider copying and pasting them to make sure your spelling is free of typos.

Keep in mind that codes expire after some time. If your spelling is correct, and you’re still not getting freebies, you might be dealing with an inactive code. Redeem the codes as soon as possible to ensure you get the free UGC items.

Other Ways to Get Free Rewards in Play for UGC

Redeeming Play for UGC codes isn’t the only way to obtain goodies. You will get points for every 30 minutes spent in the game. Additionally, you can spin the wheel for a chance to win points or a free item.

You will receive 6k points for each quest and up to 700 points for every task you complete. Every 22 hours, you will get Bonus hours and earn up to 100k points. Finally, buy Roblox Premium to receive cool rewards (one of them is a Free UGC every 14 days).

What Is Play for UGC?

Play for UGC is a Roblox experience where you collect UGC points by playing the game and completing quests and tasks. You can use those points to purchase various items, such as cosmetics, weapons, masks, and similar, that you can add to your avatar across all Roblox games. To obtain a lot of points more quickly, redeem the codes above before they expire.

Don’t miss the chance to get codes for other Roblox experiences by visiting the rest of our dedicated Roblox Codes section. Redeem them for useful freebies and make every experience more enjoyable!

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