Roblox Don’t Move Codes (December 2023)

Grab the latest Don't Move codes and claim free rewards without moving an inch!

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Updated: November 29, 2023

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Don’t move? With my couch potato lifestyle, you don’t have to tell me twice! Still, Roblox Don’t Move, a game about just standing there, is highly competitive. While the game where you mustn’t move sounds easy enough, the reality is quite different.

The real fun begins with Free Still Points, which you can acquire by redeeming Don’t Move codes. They’re necessary to buy Pet helpers and cosmetic items. If you have no patience for standing still for thirty minutes, the codes are a great alternative. And, if you’re tired of idling around and need a change of pace, check out Blade Ball Codes and claim freebies in that high-adrenaline experience!

All Don’t Move Codes List

Don’t Move Codes (Working)

  • SAVE FOR EPIC ITEM TOMORROW: x20k Still Points (New)
  • SAVE FOR VALK HELM: x20k Still Points (New)
  • OVERNIGHT AFK: x15k Still Points
  • GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE: x25k Still Points
  • TROLL: x10k Still Points
  • GOODNIGHT!: x10k Still Points
  • DOODLE IS SO CUTE!: x15k Still Points
  • YAY DOODLE!: x15k Still Points
  • AFK OVERNIGHT!: x10k Still Points
  • YETI SQUID SOON: x20k Still Points
  • CRYSTAL SOON: x10k Still Points
  • WHY NOT JUST AFK: x15k Still Points
  • CUTE USHANKA SOON: x10k Still Points
  • SNOOPY APPRECIATES YOU: x15k Still Points
  • SNOOPY LOVES U: x25k Still Points

Don’t Move Codes (Expired)

  • SNOOPY SAYS HI: x15k Still Points
  • AFK: x13k Still Points
  • DISCO PARTY: x32,5k Still Points
  • ZARC ROCKS: x15k Still Points
  • GOTTA GO FAST 3: x40k Still Points
  • HAR HAR: x30k Still Points
  • NOOB30K: x30k Still Points
  • THANK YOU: x10k Still Points
  • GALAXY HELM: x15k Still Points
  • DRAGON HELM: x25k Still Points
  • SURPRISE: x10k Still Points
  • BESTUGCGAME: x30k Still Points
  • HURRY: x25k Points
  • HALLOWEEN: x10k Still Points
  • TOXIC WASTE SET: x21k Still Points
  • SNOOPY: x17.5k Still Points
  • ZarcWaffle: x12.5k Still Points
  • ZARC: x10k Still Points
  • NOOBS: x5k Still Points

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How to Redeem Codes in Don’t Move

As with everything in the game, redeeming codes in Don’t Move is straightforward. Just follow the steps below:

How to redeem codes in Don't Move
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  1. Launch Don’t Move in Roblox.
  2. Click on the Codes button on the left side of the screen.
  3. Insert a working code into the Enter Code Here… text box.
  4. Press Redeem to claim your free rewards.

How Can You Get More Don’t Move Codes?

You can look for more Don’t Move codes and other freebies on the official Free UGC Discord server. If you don’t want to move an inch, bookmark this article, and we’ll bring the latest codes straight to you. We collect them from all the official sources, so come back occasionally to see what’s new.

Why Are My Don’t Move Codes Not Working?

Players sometimes get the Invalid Code message while redeeming Don’t Move codes. If you entered the code manually, double-check your spelling for any potential typos. Try copying and pasting codes to avoid this problem altogether.

You may also stumble upon an expired code on our Working list. That happens when the developers don’t specify expiration dates for every code. In such cases, drop us a comment so we can resolve the issue.

Other Ways to Get Free Rewards in Don’t Move

Besides redeeming Don’t Move codes, you can claim more freebies by picking up the Daily Rewards regularly and testing your luck with Free Spins. There are only so many ways to earn rewards in a game with such a title as Don’t Move, but you can also join the Discord server linked above to participate in giveaways for more.

What Is Don’t Move?

Don’t Move is an AFK Roblox experience where your goal is to, as it says on the tin, stay still and beat the timer. The game will disconnect you after twenty minutes of being idle, so don’t get too relaxed! Check back occasionally to pick up the Still Points you passively earned and use them to unlock Pets, Eggs, and decorative apparel.

If you’re playing more Roblox games, check out other articles in our Roblox Codes section and claim free rewards for all your favorite experiences.

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