The House TD Codes (February 2024)

Get the latest The House TD codes and survive the angry hordes of enemies!

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Updated: February 22, 2024

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I love spooky games, and The House TD is the perfect combination of creepy and fun entertainment! I got to summon a Samurai as my hero and battle against menacing monsters. If you like strategizing and love horror, give this game a go!

The House TD codes made this game even more exciting, as I got to use the free Soul Gems to summon more heroes. This gave me an advantage from the get-go, and I won my first battle with no sweat! If you want to unlock more powerful heroes, quickly redeem these codes and defeat all the monstrous foes! If you enjoy similar Roblox games where you need to strategize, check out our Tower Defense Simulator Codes article for free goodies in that game!

All The House TD Codes List

Active The House TD Codes

  • H75k: x10 Voodoo Coins (New)
  • HappyChristmas: x350 Snow Gems (New)
  • House50k: x10 Voodoo Coins
  • Happy40k: x200 Soul Gems
  • Souls30k: x200 Soul Gems
  • Goatmelon: Melon Smasher Urn
  • Thanks20k: x200 Soul Gems
  • House3k: x100 Souls Gems
  • Boom10k: x200 Souls Gems

Expired The House TD Codes

  • There are currently no expired The House TD codes.

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How to Redeem The House TD Codes

To redeem The House TD codes, simply follow these instructions below:

How to redeem codes in The House TD
Screenshot by GameSkinny
  1. Launch The House TD in Roblox.
  2. Click on the Codes button in the bottom-left corner of the screen.
  3. Type the code into the text box.
  4. Press Enter and redeem your freebies.

How to Find More The House TD Codes

We regularly update our The House TD codes list, so if you want to get the latest rewards, you should bookmark (CTRL+D) this article and occasionally check back for new freebies. If you want to research on your own, you can follow the developer’s X account (@TheHouseTD) or join the official The House TD Discord server, but be prepared to browse through tons of irrelevant messages and posts before you find codes.

Why Are My The House TD Codes Not Working?

One of the reasons why The House TD codes might not be working is because they’ve expired. Developers aren’t always clear regarding the duration of their codes, and we don’t always know when they will stop working. We do our best to keep our Working list updated, so if you run into an expired code on our active list, let us know, and we will revise our article promptly.

Another reason could be that the code is invalid because you didn’t correctly type it in. The codes for this game include numbers and capitalized letters, so it’s essential to double-check your spelling and properly enter the code you want to redeem. You can also copy (CTRL+C) and paste it (CTRL+V) directly into the game from this article. 

How to Get Other Free Rewards in The House TD

The House TD codes are a great starter for getting free goodies, but there are other ways to obtain rewards within the game. You will be awarded free daily login freebies for the first seven days of gameplay if you keep coming back every day. In the bottom-left section of the screen, you’ll also see a gift icon with a timer on it, which leads you to various free resources that you get just for playing the game.

What Is The House TD? 

The House TD is a tower defense Roblox game that successfully marries horror and strategy. The game is set in a spooky hotel where you enter the elevator and do tasks on each selected floor. Your main objective is to summon monstrous heroes to defeat waves of foes. Every successful wave grants you cash, which is necessary to summon more heroes as the difficulty rises with each new group of enemies. You earn more rewards once you’ve beaten the entire floor and proceed to the next map.

Check out more articles in our Roblox Codes section to find codes for other popular Roblox titles, learn how to redeem them, and get more valuable rewards!

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