Ultimate Tower Defense Codes (December 2023)

Hurry up and grab all the Ultimate Tower Defense codes to save your base!

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Updated November 28, 2023

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Assemble your favorite anime heroes and defend your base from hordes of enemies coming in waves! Make sure to create special tactics to survive as long as possible in Ultimate Tower Defense. If the fight gets challenging, you can rely on Ultimate Tower Defense codes.

These codes will provide you with Gold and Gems (sometimes Units, too) necessary to buy new towers and merge your units to make them strong enough so that you can overcome the onslaughts of foes in this fast-paced Roblox adventure. If you’re into more tower defense games, visit our Tower Defense Simulator codes list and test your skills in this thrilling Roblox experience with some cool freebies.

All Ultimate Tower Defense Codes List

Working Ultimate Tower Defense Codes

  • HailLordBoris: Gems x150 (New)
  • leaderboardreset6: Gems x75
  • ByeByeBoris: Gold x2,000
  • UPDATE2023: Gems x100
  • SpaceInvasion: Free Boon

Expired Ultimate Tower Defense Codes

  • Veyar
  • Sub2PlanetMilo
  • 5/30/2021
  • 30KLikes
  • Russo
  • 70KLikes
  • Super
  • 170kLikes
  • Christmas2022
  • 1000Likes
  • 330KLikes
  • 230KLikes
  • 240KLikes
  • SnowRBX
  • Inemajohn
  • 10KLikes
  • MillionMembers
  • 20Updates
  • 270KLikes
  • 50mVisits
  • 50KLikes
  • 210klikes
  • 260KLikes
  • easter2023
  • 500Likes
  • 300klikes
  • Easter2022
  • 100KLikes
  • 100Gems
  • 5000Likes
  • Tofuu
  • 200Mvisits
  • 110KLikes
  • MerryChristmas
  • 350KLikes
  • 20MVisits
  • 750MillionVisits
  • LateJuly4
  • Update4
  • 90klikes
  • 140KLikes
  • Maja
  • 130KLikes
  • 80klikes
  • 100Mvisits
  • MoneyPlease
  • Gravy
  • 600MillionVisits
  • Blackbeard!
  • 360KLikes
  • 150KLikes
  • 5/12
  • 250mVisits
  • Superman
  • 500MillionVisits
  • BREN0RJ7
  • 200Klikes
  • StayGreen2022
  • 15KLikes
  • 220Klikes
  • 2023
  • 5MVisits
  • TheOnePieceIsReal
  • 320klikes
  • 40KLikes
  • Betero
  • 190KLikes
  • 300mvisits
  • Release
  • valentinesday
  • 340kLikes
  • 600kGroupMembers
  • 160kLikes
  • 180KLikes
  • 310klikes
  • Patrick
  • 290KLikes
  • 25klikes
  • 60klikes
  • Blueio
  • 45klikes
  • 120klikes

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How to redeem codes in Ultimate Tower Defense

Redeeming codes in Ultimate Tower Defense is a short and easy process. Follow our detailed instructions to claim your rewards right away:

How to redeem codes in Ultimate Tower Defense
Screenshot by GameSkinny
  1. Launch Ultimate Tower Defense in Roblox.
  2. Click the Twitter button on the left-hand side of the screen.
  3. Enter the code in the text box in the Twitter Codes pop-up window.
  4. Hit the green Redeem button to claim your rewards.

How can you get more Ultimate Tower Defense codes?

We do our best to find all the working Ultimate Tower Defense codes and put them in this article so you don’t have to waste time on that tedious procedure. That’s why we recommend bookmarking this page (CTRL+D) and visiting it occasionally.

On the other hand, if you want to learn more about the game, here are some official socials that you can follow to be up-to-date with the latest updates and potential giveaways:

Why are my Ultimate Tower Defense codes not working?

Ultimate Tower Defense codes are often complicated combinations of numbers, letters, and special symbols. We advise you to copy the code you want to use from the list above and paste it directly into the game to avoid possible typos.

Also, getting the message that says Invalid Code usually means the code has expired. Since developers rarely disclose expiration dates for their codes, redeem them as fast as possible so that you don’t miss out on any free goodies.

How to get more free rewards in Ultimate Tower Defense

In case Ultimate Tower Defense codes are not enough for you, don’t worry. If you’re new to the game, Ultimate Tower Defense will reward you with 1,000 Coins when you launch it for the first time. Also, you can join the Ghostworks Roblox group for an extra 200 starting cash. Besides that, you can go fishing at the pond and collect Gold, Gems, and towers. If you catch 100 of them, which is the daily limit, you get 25 Gems.

What is Ultimate Tower Defense?

Ultimate Tower Defense is a Roblox tower defense game that draws inspiration from several popular anime series. Place your favorite heroes at the right spots to stop waves of enemies who want to destroy your base. You can join other players in more challenging battles or fight against them in PvP clashes. Grind and collect Coins and Gems to upgrade your Units and climb to the top of the leaderboard.

If you play more Roblox games where you can earn free goodies by redeeming codes, jump to our dedicated Roblox Codes section and get all the freebies in other famous titles.

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