Handmade Necklaces From Your Favorite Game Franchises

Represent your favorite video games with these beautiful handmade necklaces.

Represent your favorite video games with these beautiful handmade necklaces.

Sometimes you come across a game you love so much, you have to buy some merchandise. If jewelry is your thing, we’ve gathered some of the coolest handmade necklaces representing your favorite franchises. If you see something you like, you better move fast! Some of these Etsy artists have a limited supply. 

Xbox and PS4

If fighting in an apocalyptic universe against mutant creatures is your cup of tea, then you’ll love these two necklaces that pay homage to two of the most iconic “fight to save humanity” franchises out there: Gears of War and Fallout.

Sometimes it feels so good to be bad, and assassins are the biggest BAMFs of them all. If helping Desmond parkour his way through time and space to take out foes and deliver messages was your thing, then this Assassin’s Creed necklace is just for you. Or, if Elder Scrolls is your game of choice, you’ll love this Dark Brotherhood pendant to signify your assassin’s roots. 

Where would we be without consoles? Check out this beautiful Xbox 360 necklace complete with a bronze setting and six Swarovski crystals. This is a must have gift for any Xbox enthusiast. 

PC & Retro 

Minecraft has taken the world by storm. You could say, it’s explosive. Allow the walking bombs of the Minecraft universe to tag along with this Creeper necklace

Many gamers have a soft, nostalgic spot in their heart for classic games. Show your love for Pong, the 1972 arcade game that paved the way for so many other video games with this necklace. Or, if you have a Mrs. PacMan to your Mr, this couples necklace made from a quarter would be perfect for you.


The Nintendo Universe is full of adorable things, many of which lead to some truly cute necklaces. For example, who could resist this Heartless from Kingdom Hearts? With intricate detail including a Swarovski Crystal Heart on top, this necklace is sure to capture the heart of any Kingdom Hearts fan. 

If you’re a fan of Shy Guys, the timid troublemakers found in Mario’s world, then you’ll love this stainless steel necklace. Wear it as an ode to a classic franchise, or secretly represent your inner troublemaker! 

Speaking of adorable Mario villains, how many times have you been chomped to bits by a Piranha Plant? Complete with antique brass findings, you can rep your retro Mario pride with this beautiful pendant. 

Every riddle lover is familiar with the Professor Layton series. Now,  you can represent your love for solving puzzles with a pendant. Choose from 10 Professor Layton images, and pick your finish including silver, copper, antique gold and gunmetal black. 

If you’re eager to catch ’em all, then you don’t want to miss these Pokemon necklaces. GlitzCouture captures Pokemon in little glass bottles that you can wear around your neck. If you have a sweetheart who shares your love for Pokemon, then the couples Pokemon necklace is a must buy. 

Would you like to see jewelry for a franchise that’s not included here? Let us know in the comments and we’ll create an article just for you!

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