11 Best Atlas Mods for Survival Enthusiasts

Peachy Atlas Furniture

Here's a sweet little mod for all the roleplaying enthusiasts. 

Peachy Atlas Furniture adds a fair number of pieces of furniture that fit the time period in which Atlas is set. There is no exact year given to the events of the game, but it would be safe to assume that we're talking about the Medieval period here.

The mod adds a Peachy Furniture Bench to the game, which allows players to craft one of the following items: 

  • Bunk Bed
  • Double Bed
  • Single Bed
  • King Size Bed
  • Bench
  • Dining Chair
  • Arm Chair
  • Dresser
  • Large Dresser
  • Large Shelf
  • Small Shelf
  • Bookshelf Large
  • Bookshelf Small
  • Sofa
  • Stool
  • Table
  • Round Table
  • Dining Table
  • End Table
  • Red Throne

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Published Jan. 22nd 2019

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