Ghirahim the Uncanny Demon Lord

Ghirahim is the most dramatic and uncanny villain Nintendo could throw at us.

One of the most fascinating characters in Skyward Sword is Demon Lord Ghirahim. Not only is his true identity a mystery to most players until the end, but he's also a really shady guy. I know the first time I saw him I was a bit baffled by how different he was than most villains in Zelda's earlier games.

Ghirahim as a villain

You could classify Ghirahim as a villain who enjoys playing with his victim, while acting like a total drama queen. Not only does he attempt the Ganondorf approach by kidnapping Zelda, but you end up facing him in many battles along the way. It's the simple case of "Your princess is in another castle!" when you're playing Skyward Sword. As you search for Zelda, so does Ghirahim. The sucker punch is the fact Zelda is always one step ahead and already moving on to the next temple.

This of course leaves Link and Ghirahim to duel it out. Although the battles aren't too difficult once you figure out a rhythm, Ghirahim has some pretty questionable cut scenes in the game. As he creeps around Link, I could feel shivers going down my spine, meaning this has to be one of the creepiest guys in ANY Zelda game. Nintendo also picked the best voice to peg with Ghirahim, enhancing his presence and making it even more distinct.

Who Ghirahim really is *Spoilers*

If you thought Ghirahim was pretty creepy just as a villain, you'll get the chills knowing he's the REAL villain's sword. To add to his huge ego, he definitely thinks he's all that when it comes to being a weapon. He can't help but flaunt in his normal drama queen way when Link discovers that in the game, and he doesn't do a bad job on that final battle either.

After playing through Skyward Sword, I can't help but feel this strong opinion about such a character. His presence within the game is very tasteful, but again the cut scenes do make me wonder a bit with how Nintendo was taking his role. 

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Published Oct. 15th 2013
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