NIS America Announces Three New Imports, Including The Guided Fate Paradox Sequel

NIS America announces three new imports crossing over to America and Europe.

NIS America has brought some of my favorite games from Japan over seas (Disgaea anyone?). Now it seems they are bringing over three more titles to keep an eye on, starting with The Firefly Diary this fall. Following it is The Awakened Fate Ultimatum and Criminal Girls: Invite Only in 2015.

The Firefly Diary is coming to the PS Vita, and will make heavy use of the system's touchscreens, front and back. In the game, you control a pair of firefly-like fairies who guide a young girl through perilous ruins. The game takes place in a light world and a dark world, as the player switches between the two in order to solve the game's puzzles. That is where the touchscreens come into play: players control the light fairy through the front screen, and control the shadow fairy through the rear touch pad. You can see the trailer below:

NIS America is bringing The Guided Fate: Cross Thesis Awakening over to the West with a new branding: The Awakened Fate Ultimatum. Like its predecessor, The Guided Fate Paradox, the game will release on the PlayStation 3. The sequel stars a boy who gets attacked by devils and is left to die. He is mysteriously saved, and finds himself in a war between angels and devils. The Awakened Fate Ultimatum released in Japan on July 24, and will come West in 2015.

The third game that NIS America announced is Criminal Girls: Invite Only. This version of the game is a revamped port of the 2010 PSP RPG Criminal Girls. The game follows seven girls damned to Hell, as you lead them to redemption. This plays out through RPG battles, and scenes that get quite racy. Because of this, NIS America says that they "edited certain aspects of this game" in order to appeal to as many fans in the West as possible. Things will get quite intense when Criminal Girls: Invite Only releases in 2015.

NIS America is putting out some great looking games from Japan within the next year.

Along with these three, we will also see Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair (which you can read about here), Natural Doctrine, and Fairy Fencer F. Seems that we will be getting a nice dose of Japanese gaming over the next year.

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Published Jul. 11th 2014

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