Ghost of Tsushima Baku the Voiceless Location & Items Guide

Baku the Voiceless is a new vendor in Ghost of Tsushima Legends New Game Plus. Here's where to find them, what they sell, and how to get Ghost Flowers.

Ghost of Tsushima's Baku the Voiceless is a new vendor added in the recent 1.1 Legends co op multiplayer update. Baku sells a large list of new items, from armor and armor dyes to hats and charms. These items can be purchased with Ghost Flowers, a new currency in Ghost of Tsushima Legends.

Baku the Voiceless can only be found in Ghost of Tsushima New Game Plus, which is only after beating the game for the first time. It doesn't matter what difficulty you beat the base game on. 

Where to Find Baku the Voiceless in New Game Plus

Baku can be found as soon as you begin New Game Plus. In fact, the first Tale you receive, the Echoes Between Worlds tale, shows you where to find Baku. 

For easy reference, Baku can be found in Ariake prefecture at the Ariake haiku. This is just southeast of Kashine Forest and northwest of the Golden Forest.

Once you find them, you'll be able to fast travel to their location at any point in the game to buy more unique items with Ghost Flowers. 

Baku the Voiceless Items List

Here's a list of everything available from Baku the Voiceless in Ghost of Tsushima Legends, how many Ghost Flowers each item costs, and their in-game descriptions (for charms). 


  • Deadly Rival's Attire (Ryuzo) — 25 Ghost Flowers
  • Archery Master's Attire (Sensei Ishikawa) — 25 Ghost Flowers

Armor Dyes

  • Traveler's Attire (Winged Wayfarer) — 15 Ghost Flowers
  • Sakai Clan Armor (Legacy of Guardians and Oceanic Valor) — 15 Ghost Flowers each
  • Kensei Armor (Duel of Lights and Sanguine Autumn) — 15 Ghost Flowers each
  • Gosaku's Armor (Bright Defender) — 15 Ghost Flowers
  • Tadayori's Armor (Flowers of War) — 15 Ghost Flowers
  • Ghost Armor (Avenging Spring) — 15 Ghost Flowers
  • Broken Armor (Dark Survivor) — 15 Ghost Flowers
  • Fundoshi (Fancy Fundoshi) — 15 Ghost Flowers


  • Charm of Carnage: Makes combat bloodier — 5 Ghost Flowers
  • Curse of Frailty: Successful attacks kill you, iron will disabled — 5 Ghost Flowers
  • Curse of Misfortune: You will never gain resources or ammo from fallen enemies — 5 Ghost Flowers
  • Curse of Exhaustion: Actions that use resolve cost twice as much — 5 Ghost Flowers
  • Charm of Steadfast Fire: Greatly increases the length of time you can use the way of the flame — 15 Ghost Flowers
  • Charm of Distraction: When performing Iron Will, wind gusts and hornets will distract and damage enemies — 15 Ghost Flowers
  • Charm of Ghostly Fury: When you are damaged, your ghost kill streak loses one kill instead of resetting. You can kill one additional enemy in Ghost Stance — 15 Ghost Flowers
  • Charm of Heavenly Rebuke: On performing heavenly strike, there is a chance for lightning to strike a nearby enemy — 25 Ghost Flowers
  • Charm of Blazing Flame: The way of the flame inflicts additional damage. Heavy attacks spread fire to nearby enemies — 25 Ghost Flowers
  • Charm of Canine Recruitment: If you sneak up on a Mongol dog, you can pet it. The dog will then become your ally, stealthing and fighting alongside you against enemies — 25 Ghost Flowers


  • Shadow Tengai — 5 Ghost Flowers
  • Dark Betrayers Hat — 5 Ghost Flowers
  • Bloodstained Betrayers Hat — 5 Ghost Flowers
  • Koi Straw Hat — 5 Ghost Flowers
  • Kitsune Straw Hat — 5 Ghost Flowers
  • Bone White Straw Hat — 5 Ghost Flowers
  • Mosaic Straw Hat — 5 Ghost Flowers
  • Graceful Marsh Straw Hat — 5 Ghost Flowers


  • Trickster Wolf — 10 Ghost Flowers
  • Beast of Prey — 10 Ghost Flowers
  • Midnight Snarl — 10 Ghost Flowers
  • Jade Elder — 10 Ghost Flowers
  • Ancient Dragon — 10 Ghost Flowers
  • Majestic Samurai Clan Mask — 10 Ghost Flowers
  • Timeworn Oni — 10 Ghost Flowers
  • Ocean of Blood — 10 Ghost Flowers
  • Adachi Dragon Mask — 10 Ghost Flowers
  • Sarugami's Wrath — 10 Ghost Flowers
  • Elegant Ghost Mask — 10 Ghost Flowers

It's worth noting that some minor charms make the game harder, while some give you new buffs to make encounters easier. 

How to Get Ghost Flowers

Ghost of Tsushima Ghost Flowers can only be obtained in new game plus; they are a new currency added in the Legends update.

To find Ghost Flowers, you'll need to complete tales, liberate outposts, and complete haikus, bamboo strikes, etc. Here's a rundown of activities and the number of Ghost Flowers they award on completion. 

  • Major Tales (gold diamonds) — 5 Ghost Flowers 
  • Mythic Tales (blue diamonds) — 5 Ghost Flowers
  • Minor Tales (white diamonds) — 3 Ghost Flowers
  • Major outposts (large red diamonds, logging camps, farms, etc.) — 5 Ghost Flowers 
  • Minor outposts (small red diamonds, such as camps, etc.) — 2 Ghost Flowers
  • Collectibles (bamboo strikes, haikus, hot springs, fox dens) — 1 Ghost Flower 

And there you have it: how to find Baku the Voiceless in Ghost of Tsushima Legends. Now you know what they sell and how to get Ghost Flowers, too! If you found this guide helpful, please consider giving it a share. And for more on Ghost of Tsushima, check out our other guide content over in the game's main tips hub

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Published Oct. 21st 2020

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