New Ace Attorney game in the works

Everyone's favorite attorney makes his triumphant return on the 3DS

In a recent article published by Japanese gaming magazine, Famitsu, Capcom revealed that it is indeed developing a new Ace Attorney game.

Everyone's favorite quick-witted and brilliant lawyer, Phoenix Wright will be returning to court on the 3DS, and fairly soon it seems. Tentatively titled Ace Attorney 6, as it is the 6th main installment in the series. Capcom ensures this will be the best entry in the series yet.

While details about the game are incredibly scarce right now, a translation of the article reveals that players are in store for a refined game system that will enable even quicker gameplay than ever before.

On top of this, Capcom will be providing a hands-on demo at the quickly approaching Tokyo Game Show, which will start on September 17 and run until September 20.

It's been roughly 10 years since the original Ace Attorney game was released on the original DS and each installment has been well regarded by critics and fans alike.

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Published Sep. 2nd 2015

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