10 Amazing YouTube Channels Every Gamer Should Watch

Here are Ten AMAZING YouTube Channels about video game and video game culture.

There are quite a lot YouTube channels dedicated to video games and game culture out there. So much so that it is rather difficult to distinguish the good from all the crap.

For this, we bring you Ten Amazing YouTube Channels Every Gamer Should Watch:

DTOID (Destructoid's YouTube Channel)

For a while, this channel was home to "The Destructoid Show" by Revision3 with Tara Long and Max Scoville, but the show was eventually cancelled and the two moved over to Rev3Games full-time. Now, Max Scoville is back at Destructoid as their "Video Warlock" (or the executive producer of Destructoid's video content).

DTOID not only consists of news ("Tuesday Newsday"), interviews, and hands-on videos, but quite a few ridiculous and funny weekly shows like "Farts 'N' Crafts," "Dumb Idiot Ideas," "Reviews in Review," and the "Hardline" podcast.

Destructoid has always had a humorous, fun take on games and the YouTube channel is very much in the same vein.

Did You Know Gaming?

Did You Know Gaming? is a YouTube series created by VGFacts for all of us geeks that love video game trivia.

Each episode discusses random facts about a game, console, or other aspect of video game culture. For those of us who love nothing more than pontificating our knowledge of video games, WE HAVE A SHOW JUST FOR US!

Extra Credits

I like to think of Extra Credits as School House Rock for gamers (unfortunately without music).

Each week, the show takes on a topic with gaming culture or business and gives the users an intelligent dissection and explanation of it. One of my favorite episodes recently discusses net neutrality and why it is important as well as relevant to video games and other media.

There are also other shows including "James Recommends" and a new series that discusses video game remix music and their artists, "Extra Remix."

There is plenty of great content and even more should be coming in the next few months.

Game Theory

In each episode, Matt Patrick introduces a theory and discusses it for 10-15 minutes, explaining the conclusion he has come to.

It is a discussional scientific method in regards to video games complete with charts, graphs, images, and weird Internet GIFs. While sometimes a bit divisive, Game Theory is funny and genuinely makes you think about some of your favorite games and decisions that we all have made as fans and consumers of interactive media.

Giant Bomb

Giant Bomb's YouTube channel manages to be one of the best put out there by a video game site. While not having many shows, the "Quick Look" series is great for those who would like to see how a game plays before they buy it (or why Giant Bomb gave that game you were waiting for such a low score that week).

My personal favorite is "Bombin' in the A.M. With Scoops and the Wolf," which you can either watch live on Google Hangouts every Monday and Friday morning or watch on YouTube later that day. The show mainly discusses news and other happenings within the game community. Every Monday (with any luck), Giant Bomb writers Patrick Klepek and Alex Navarro will welcome a member of said video game community on the show as a co-host/interviewee.

Hey Ash Whatcha Playin'?

Ashly Burch likes to play video games, but she tends to get a little lost in their worlds. So much so that she becomes characters from whatever game she is currently playing and ends up torturing her brother, Anthony Burch, and friends.

Hey Ash Whatcha Playin'? is a great comedy series that is both a send up and adoration of video games!

Also, if you are a fan of the Borderlands series, Ashly Burch is the voice of Tiny Tina and Anthony Burch is the lead writer on Borderlands 2. So there's that...


What can I say that hasn't already been said about Machinima?


I got nothing. But the shows like "Inside Gaming Daily" and "Away From Keyboard" as well as the many other random videos they post on a daily basis makes for one of the most solid and entertaining YouTube channels about games around.

PBS Game/Show

This may very well be my personal favorite channel on this list. Jamin Warren of Killscreen introduces an video game-related topic of discussion every week and shares his insight as well as requests your own.

The topics covered have gone from "Why Do Games Make Us SO Freakin Angry?!?!" to "A Defense of Cheating in Videogames" to "Top 5 Reasons Game Reviews Don't Matter." And -- like its sister channel, PBS Idea Channel -- Game/Show asks its viewers what they think and share the top responses on the following week's episode.

If you would like to feel just a bit smarter after watching a YouTube show about video games, you cannot do better than PBS Game/Show.


Despite many recent departures from the channel (including Adam Sessler and Anthony Carboni), Rev3Games is a great insight into the world of video games.

I highly recommend "Casual Friday" where three Rev3Games staffers sit down and just talk about games over a beer. They also regularly have livestreams which are later posted here.


ScrewAttack's YouTube channel houses both the ridiculous (DEATH BATTLE!) and the common (Top 10s and 5s, news, reviews). It's fun, it's informative, it will make your mind melt if you watch it for too long...in a good way.