10 Best Party Games on the Nintendo Switch

The best party games on the Nintendo Switch for holiday gatherings!

Everybody 1-2-Switch Alien Dance game
Image via Nintendo
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Holidays are a time of year when we get together with friends and family the most. And that means it’s the perfect chance to break out your Nintendo Switch. Here are 10 of the best party games to play on the Switch.

The 10 Best Party Games Available on the Nintendo Switch

10. Just Dance 2022

Just Dance 2022 Ad Image
Image via Ubisoft

Just Dance is exactly what it sounds like: a game that has up to six people dance to the song they select. But why the 2022 version? The tracklist, of course! You have tracks from Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, and even K/DA, a K-Pop band formed by Riot for League of Legends.

The songs are upbeat and fun, and trying to dance with friends and family who might not be coordinated leads to a good time. It’s also easy to swap out players between songs so everybody can have a chance.

9. Everybody 1-2-Switch!

Everybody-1-2-Switch Jump rope game
Image via Nintendo

Everybody 1-2-Switch separates players into teams and has you face members of the other team in quick minigames. While the games are usually 1v1 in style, they’re so quick that everybody who wants to participate can get involved.

The minigames are also simple enough that you don’t have to be a frequent player to have a chance to win. Some include slashing your opponent with a sword in a duel or striking poses to win the highest amount of style points. Just be careful that you don’t let go of your Joy-Con and hurt somebody with this one!

8. Kirby’s Dream Buffet

Kirby's Dream Buffet Cover Art
Image via Nintendo

I feel like Kirby’s Dream Buffet doesn’t get talked about much, but it’s so much fun. It’s like a mix between Mario Party and Fall Guys. You challenge up to three other players on an obstacle course with the goal of reaching the pile of strawberries at the end first.

The art style is bright and adorable, which makes it perfect for family gatherings especially. Holiday gatherings in my life mean young nieces and nephews are present and want to be part of anything we’re doing. And with Kirby’s Dream Buffet, players have a great time at any age, and the parents don’t need to worry about inappropriate content popping up.

7. Mario Party Superstars

Mario jumping to catch a dice
Image via Nintendo

Revisit Mario Party boards from the Nintendo 64 with Mario Party Superstars! With Mario Party, I wouldn’t recommend using the standard game mode for a party environment. The normal mode is long, and while you could switch out players for minigames, it’s still slow.

Instead, do Mt. Minigames, where up to four players compete with each other within different Mario Party games. This way, you can swap out players in between to give more people a chance. And you don’t have to deal with the overall competitive nature of the standard board game version with stealing stars and coins. You just have a bunch of mini-competitions instead!

6. Cake Bash

Cake Bash Cover Art
Image via High Tea Frog

Cake Bash is another game that I feel goes underappreciated. It’s a fighting game, but you play with up to three other players as desserts, such as cupcakes. The goal is to beat the others and become the tastiest dessert to be purchased by a customer.

Cake Bash is similar to Party Animals, but you won’t find as many characters and items as in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. However, I think it’s a fun, more beginner-friendly fighting game, which can be a better choice if you know that you’ll have people who aren’t big fighting game fans, but want them to feel that they can jump in for a try as well!

5. Overcooked 2

Overcooked 2 Cover Art
Image via Team17

Overcooked 2 is a bit older than a few games on this list, but it still holds up as a party game for up to four players at a time. Instead of playing against each other, this game has you work together to get through each level.

It’s frustrating and requires coordination, but that’s part of the fun. Also, the levels aren’t straightforward, and each one adds new challenges like shifting counters or blocking off sections of the kitchen periodically. Each level doesn’t last too long, so you can include extra people who want to play by rotating through players so everybody can get in on the fun.

4. Jackbox Games

Jackbox Party Pack Cover Image
Image via Jackbox Games

There are a bunch of Jackbox Games available on the Nintendo Switch, so you’ll want to pick the ones that best suit your tastes. My favorite is Fibbage, a game where you get points for fooling players with a lie and points for choosing the true answer, so I love any Party Pack that features it. However, there’s so much variety that you can certainly find multiple packs that will definitely become favorites at this and future parties.

3. Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Cover art
Image via Nintendo

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is a classic party choice if you own a Switch. If you link consoles, you can even play it with up to eight players instead of four. Matches are fast-paced, and you can use the settings to put time limits on them to adjust the length to what works best for you.

You get to choose from 89 characters, and for anybody who’s played Nintendo games in the past, a lot of them are very familiar. Between the characters, maps, and familiarity of the content for fans of Nintendo, Super Smash Bros Ultimate is a fun burst of competition and nostalgia.

2. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Mario and friends on Rainbow Road
Image via Nintendo

Of course, Mario Kart has to make the list of best party games on any Nintendo console. Just like with Super Smash Bros Ultimate, you can play with up to eight players if you connect Switch consoles.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has the most maps of the series and a ton of character and kart combinations that you can use, especially with its DLC. A few benefits are the lack of direct fighting between players, making it easier for younger players or other family members who don’t play a lot of games.

1. Warioware: Get It Together!

Warioware Get It Together Cover art
Image via Nintendo

Warioware: Get It Together! is the perfect Nintendo Switch party game. It has 200 microgames, which are even shorter than minigames. While it officially is limited to up to four players, it’s easy to pass the Joy-Con around to give everybody a chance to play. The microgames are more comedic and include tasks like hitting the right target out of a group of three or flying to touch all the stars on the screen. It’s funny, fast-paced, and easy to play for anybody who wants to give it a try.

And that wraps up the 10 best party games for the Nintendo Switch. Multiple games on this list are on my own personal agenda for upcoming holiday parties and family gatherings. It’s the perfect way to keep everybody occupied and happy. But for more topics, check out the 10 best board games of 2023 or the 10 best multiplayer horror games.

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