10 Better Ways to Launch New Thor Than On ‘The View’

There are so many ways that would better than The View to release the new Thor. Look at 10 of those options.

The new Marvel series on Thor features a female as the newest holder of Mjölnir (Thor's Hammer). The announcement on the new series came to the news by way of the morning talk show, The View. Sure, Disney owns both Marvel and ABC so its understandable that they would use their own network to release the information, but there are several ways that would've been so much better than The View. Let's take a look at a few of those.

2. Billboard Campaign:

Can you imagine the buzz that would have started over a simple billboard? Billboards would have provided an excellent lead-in to an official announcement as it would have people the country over speculating on what the "She" means. This is one billboard I would have to pull over to snap a shot of and share with my friends.

3. Have Felicia Day Tweet About It:

With over 2 million followers, Felicia Day would have been an great way to reach masses of people on the launch of the new Thor comic. With an impressive resume and a geek a lot of women can relate to, the respectability of the announcement would have maintained its integrity.

4. Announcement at San Deigo Comic Con (SDCC):

The SDCC of 2014 was just mere days away when Marvel released the new female Thor on The View. The announcement would have been awesome exposure at SDCC. Female incarnations of Thor aren't unfamiliar to the cosplay floor. Marvel could hire an actress to cosplay the character in a lead up to the announcement.

5. Jimmy Kimmel Live!:

Disney, who owns ABC, could have chosen Jimmy Kimmel Live as a better alternative source than The View. At least when he would talk about her boobs it would have been funny rather than make me roll my eyes. Proportional boobs? That's all you have to say about a strong female lead? The View totally took the wrong approach to what should have been great news.

1. GameSkinny Article:

Ok, sure. Shameless plug here, but the writers here at GameSkinny would have definitely jumped on this topic and set the world on fire with their words. A lot of us are comic fans as well as gamers.

Hey Marvel, keep us in mind! We'd love to cover your press release!

6. Lemonade Stand:

What would be cuter than little kids selling Lemonade all while promoting Thor? What a way to encourage budding comic readers of all ages! After all, most little kids love superheroes. Just don't forget the sugar, kids, or your lemonade would be as sour as the release of the new Thor on The View.

7. McDonald's Happy Meal:

This familiar red box would be more preferable over The View. Sure, its not the healthy option (though they did add a choice of strawberry yogurt as a side item), but it is definitely a very visible one. This would have again let people of all ages know about the comic (cause sometimes, even adults enjoy the toys or figurines).

8. Duck Character Holding Placard:

Characters can get your attention while driving and one this bright is sure to capture attention (just don't hit anyone). Anyone driving that street would want to know what this picture is about. Snapshots would liter social media with speculation on the new comic figure shown in the picture.

9. Shopping Cart Ads:

Everyone has to eat and a lot of those people do have to go shopping. This method is one way to put the new Thor into everyone's view. Who is that busty lady carrying Thor's hammer? The comments would abound once again as people wait with bated breath on who the mystery woman is.

10. The Wicked Witch of the West Writes it in the Sky:

It would still be a more preferable way of announcement than The View.