10 Dark Souls 3 Cosplays That Will Make You Forget the Franchise is Ending

These 10 amazing Dark Souls cosplays capture the feeling of the games, bringing them to life and erasing the fact that the Dark Souls series is ending.

Dark Souls has been a fan favorite for many years, starting with From Software's Demon's Souls in 2009. With its high level of difficulty, interesting and creative bosses, and love for the sun, fans have raged through hours of gameplay to experience Hidetaka Miyazaki's world.

But some aren't willing to let the series die. Cosplay is another way fans show their love for the series. What follows are 10 amazing cosplays ready to help you forget that the series is ending. Let's take a look. 

Abyss Watcher

Cosplayer: Zach7878 

The abyss watchers were first formed to fight the Abyss. Partaking of wolf blood to be like Artorias, they each became part of the same shared soul. Radical in practice, their pointed helm became and ill-omen for those that saw them. Zach7878 nails the pointed helm, even including the ornate design that defines it. Wielding a great sword, this Abyss Watcher is ready for battle.



Cosplayer: Weeperblast

The jailers are some of the only survivors of the Profaned Capital. Armed with branding irons and lanterns that emit a poisonous gas, they were recruited by Pontiff Sulyvahn to oversee the Dark Souls 3's labyrinthine jail. Channeling their creepy vibe, Weeperblast is ready to attack. Glowing eyes, long robes, branding iron, and lantern are all spot on when it comes to this cosplay.  

Knight Artorias

Cosplayer: Jung Ui Chel

Knight Artorias drank of wolf's blood in order to battle against the Abyss more effectively. However, by the time the character meets him in Dark Souls 3, he has been corrupted, tainted by the void. No longer a fighter for good, Artorias is now surrounded by a dark aura.

Jung Ui Chel makes a fantastic Artorias. The craftsmanship displayed and the attention to detail are mind blowing. It is almost as if Artorias has walked out of the game and into real life. 

Fire Keeper

Cosplayer: Ver1sa

The Fire Keeper is a blind woman who tends the bonfire in Firelink Shrine. Never having lived in a world without fire, the simple prospect of it terrifies her. Ver1sa makes a stunning Fire Keeper. The attention to detail on the crown covering her eyes and the pattern on the dress are is astounding. The editing done by photographer Justmoolti helps to sell that she is really in Firelink Shrine, especially with the sparks floating around her.  

Photography credit: Justmoolti

Faraam Set

Cosplayer: ExerbrangWorks 

The Faraam set is the lightest set of armor in the Dark Souls world. Allowing for more movement during combat, its low weight makes it idle for builds revolving around stealth and dodging. ExerbrangWorks has faced many a foe in their armor -- but survived to stand watch.  

Photography credit: NekoSandraCosplay 

Black Knight

Cosplayer: Silver Ice Dragon 

Black Knights were once the Silver Knights of Lord Gwyn, traveling with him to the Kiln of the First Flame. Burned to ashes when Lord Gwyn linked the First Flame, their spirits still wander the Dark Souls world.

Silver Ice Dragon is a most impressive Black Knight. The armor is exquisitely crafted, the chainmail and weathering standing stark against the sunlight glinting off its surface. Wielding the Black Knight Glaive, she is ready to take down anyone who crosses her path. 

Photography credit: Ashley Sowers


Cosplayer: Gisulih 

The darkwraiths were once proud knights of the Four Kings. Gaining power through the use of the Dark Hand, they became feared. Causing New Londo to be flooded just to keep their power at bay, they are often found lurking in Farron Keep.

Gisulih captures their darkness in her detailed darkwraith cosplay. Using foam to mirror the wraiths bony bodies, she is skeletal and scary.  

Photography credit: Kyuu Eturaitti

Dancer of the Boreal Valley

Cosplayer: ArashiCosplayowo 

The Dance of the Boreal Valley is a boss in Dark Souls 3. A direct relative of Anor Londo royalty, she was forced to be a dancer when Pontiff Sulyvahn took over. Sent as a contingent of the Outrider Knights, the Pontiff's version of exile, she soon devolved into a bestial fighter.

Arashicosplayowo nails the feminine look of the Dancer of the Boreal Valley. Clad in blue and weathered armor, the golden embellishments and face cage make the character stand apart from other cosplays.

Photography credit: Snapbackshot 

Dark Sun Gwyndolin

Cosplayer: Ladymoonshiner 

Gwyndolin is the last born son of Lord Gwyn. Guarding his father's tomb, he is the only true deity remaining in Anor Londo. Raised as a daughter, he uses the illusion of Gwynevere to hide his appearance. Leader of the Blades of the Darkmoon Covenant, he does all he can to protect Captain Yorshka.

The costume created by Ladymoonshiner captures all the etheral qualities of Dark Sun Gwyndolin. The editing by Massimo Malvestio Photography helps bring to life that he is a deity. 

Photography credit: Massimo Malvestio Photography


Cosplayer: Mathiescosplay

Knight Solaire is a knight of the sun. He can often be heard shouting "Praise the Sun" when players talk to him. Tasked with finding his own "sun," he became undead during his quest. A friendly character, Solaire will often be available to join the character for boss fights. Mathiescosplay nails Solaire's tunic, taking the time to make it appear worn and battle scarred. 


What was your favorite Dark Souls 3 cosplay? Do you have any you want to add to list? Tell us in the comments below!