Ten nerdy gifts that might make wonderful presents to your fellow gamer friend or significant other.

10 Geeky (yet Simple) Gifts for Gamers

Ten nerdy gifts that might make wonderful presents to your fellow gamer friend or significant other.

Sometimes finding the right gift for a close friend, a new acquaintance or your significant other can be stressful and strenuous. Whether for a birthday, a holiday or everything in between, if your friend has a love for video games, here are ten suggestions for some quality gifts for decent prices.

The items we've selected cover a whole bunch of classic franchises like Super Smash Bros and Final Fantasy, so without further ado let us begin.

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Legend of Zelda: Gold Triforce Hoodie

Etsy Seller: Tees 'n Plus, $27 (possibly more depending on size)

A simple yet classic sweatshirt that shows off a devotion to the legendary land of Hyrule could be a perfect gift. Comfy, functional, and geeky; its a triple win.

 Legend of Zelda Posters: Links Through Time

ThinkGeek.com, $10 per poster

If you want to go for something artsy, here are truly some amazing posters for the price. The posters measure from 36" x 24" or 24" x 36", depending on the style of the poster. There are alternate posters that use the artwork from The Wind Waker, the ocarina songs from The Ocarina of Time and one comprehensive poster showing off all the forms of Link in his previous games.

Workin' My Puff into Tuff T-Shirt (Also in Tank-Top)

LookHuman.com, $23-28 (depending on size)

If you want to go the route of the funny gift that will psyche your friend up. Not to mention that it makes it clear to everyone on the street and at the gym that they are devoted to turning their puff into tuff.

Glossy Bulbasaur Planter

Etsy Seller: Madarakis, $17.25

This cute and beautiful glossy Bulbasaur is for the gamer that loves flowers and gardens. A bit similar to a Chia pet, it comes in multiple colors and is only complete once you've raised a flower in it.

Smash University T-Shirt

Etsy User-LvlUpFandom, $12 (depending on the size)

For all those Super Smash Bros fans out there, here is an awesome t-shirt for you! With this shirt you can let everyone else know how serious you take your smash. 

New Super Smash Bros. Poster

Etsy Seller: NukaCollaMan, $16

If the t-shirt is not for you, then maybe this poster would be a nice alternative. The poster is around 24"x9" and features the entire roster of Super Smash Bros. Wii U. A classy addition to any SSB fans' bedroom.

Keep Calm and Save (Final Fantasy T-Shirt)

Etsy Seller: Limit Breaks, $21

For those hardcore Final Fantasy fans out there, there's a simple shirt just for you. Broadcast your love of Britain and Moogles with a new gamer twist on the classic "Keep Calm and Carry On."

My Other Ride is a Chobobo Vinyl Decal

Etsy Dealer: Red Raven Sign Shop, $10

If the moogle shirt isn't quite what you had in mind, then maybe this cute little decal of a chocobo would be a good alternative. A cute sticker for your car or laptop. Let your love of the adorable Chobobo's shine!

"I was an Adventurere Like You" Mug

Etsy Seller: 66 Level, $13.50

If the person your gift-searching for is more of a western RPG fan, maybe this adorable little Dovahkin mug might be perfect for that special someone. Nothing makes coffee better than having your own Skyrim mug to drink it from.

Arrow to the Knee necklace

Etsy Seller: TheTrendyGeek, $20

Instead of a cute mug, maybe go for something a bit more simple. This classic "arrow to the knee" necklace is simple yet effective way to say that you care about a fellow gamer.

So there you have it: ten gifts for your special gaming friend or sweetheart. If you have any questions, suggestions or words of wisdom please drop a comment and as always for all your gaming needs check out GameSkinny.com.

But before you go, there is one bonus gift suggestion for you...

Nathan Drake (Uncharted) Mini Plushie

Etsy Seller: Coda Creation, $10

A personal pick of mine, just look at those adorable eyes. This cute little doll would be the perfect gift for anyone who loves the Uncharted franchise. Don't you just wanna cuddle up with this little cutie?

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