10 Incredible Genderswapped Cosplays

From Booker DeWitt to Princess Peach - Here are 10 video game-inspired genderbent cosplays!

They say cosplay is the sincerest form of flattery. Okay, maybe they don't but if you really love a video game character, cosplaying them is a pretty great way to show it. But what do you do if the character you love isn't the same gender as you?


Here are 10 truly amazing genderbent cosplays that rival the originals. 


Photo Credit: Choupett Cosplay & Andrei Guiamoy Photography

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Booker DeWitt

BioShock Infinite

Choupett has done a number of amazing genderbent cosplays including Edward Kenway and Nathan Drake, but her version of Booker from BioShock Infinite takes the cake. Now all we need is a male Elizabeth!

Choupett Cosplay
Sonesh Joshi Photography

Lara Croft

Tomb Raider

What if one of gaming history's most recognizable, tomb-raiding icons was a guy? Well, that'd be kind of a bummer actually but this cosplay sure isn't! 

Ethan C.

Blackbeard & Edward Kenway 

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag 

If there's one thing ACIV needs, it's more lady pirates. Cosplay besties Jessica Nigri and Monika Lee reimagined two of the game's main characters as women and the result is pretty incredible. 

Jessica Nigri & Monika Lee
JwaiDesign Photography


Dragon Age: Origins

Inspired by a piece of genderswapped Morrigan fan art, Sylar's aptly titled Mannigan, is an awesome interpretation of the Witch of the Wilds. 

Aicosu's Sylar

Gordon Freeman


This Half-Life cosplay is anything but half-assed. Jess makes such an incredible Gordon Freeman that  I kind of wish the character was modeled after her. 

Jess Lynn Cwik
Zatoyoshi Photography


Scorpion & Mileena 

Mortal Kombat

Femme Scorpion? Manleena? Get over here! 

Bethany MaddockShinrajunkie
AshB Images

Gabriel Belmont

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

If Castlevania's Gabriel Belmont was a woman, Meagan Marie's Gabrielle is exactly what she'd look like. From the gauntlets to the combat cross, Meagan didn't miss a single detail in her genderswap cosplay. 

Meagan Marie
BGZ Studios

Princess Peach & Mario


There a plenty of genderbent Mario cosplays out there but rarely are they seen paired with such a fabulous Prince Peach. Nintendo should take some notes.

Steven Heath & Maddy Pointer


Borderland 2

Salvador doesn't get nearly as much cosplay love as say, Maya or Mad Moxxi, but DeAnna Davis, a.k.a. It's Raining Neon, totally does the Gunzerker justice. Now I just wish Femme Salvador was option in the game...

DeAnna Davis
Cozpho Photography



There is literally no word to describe Lyz Brickley's Thief cosplay other than badass. I wouldn't want to mess with her. 

Lyz Brickley
Darshelle Stevens Photography 

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