10 Mega Pokemon We Hope To See in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

What Mega Pokemon do YOU hope to find?

Greetings Trainers!  Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are only months away, and the hunger for new Megas is only increasing. Back in 2003, we were introduced to 135 new Pokémon from the Hoenn region, many of which became our favorites to battle with. With the remakes coming soon, we can’t stop asking: “Will there be more Megas?” In this ranking, I will go through 10 Pokémon that I believe are popular candidates for Mega Evolutions in the upcoming games.  

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Number 10: Ludicolo 

 As a Water/Grass type, Ludicolo brushes off the weakness to Electricity and Fire. Lotad , its first evolution, is found very early in the game, right after leaving Littleroot Town. Ludicolo would be an awesome candidate for a Mega. If you’ve ever played Pokémon Colosseum, you have seen Ludicolo in action, groovy action. Along with Miror B, Ludicolo danced its way into the hearts of trainers. His Mega form could feature an afro or something. (If you have no idea what I’m talking about, please watch this.)

Number 9: Cacturne 

 I’ve always thought that Cacturne would make a fantastic Mega Pokémon. I mean look at that creepy smile.  It’s Grass/Dark combination is present in its name (Cacturne = Cactus + Nocturne) and gives it an eerie aura. A spooky, desert, scarecrow that emerges in the night…in Mega form! This Pokémon is used by one of the members of the Elite Four, which is more of a reason why it having a Mega form could improve some of the game’s story. If they are really Elite, they have to have Megas, right?

Number 8: Mightyena

Who doesn’t want a Mega Mightyena? It is almost guaranteed that this Pokemon will form part of your party at some point, even if it is just early game. Poochyena is one of, if not the, first wild Pokémon you encounter in the game. So when you have some Pokéballs and are ready to leave your home town for the first time, it is likely Poochyena will make its way into your party. Along your journey, your pooch will grow and mature into frightening Mightyena; and what is more intimidating than a Mega Mightyena? (Pun intended) After seeing a Mega Houndoom, I’m curious to how this Pokemon’s Mega form would turn out.

Number 7: Wailord 

 Wailord is the largest Pokémon in existence, though hardly ever shown to scale. It’s Pokedex entry informs that Wailord weighs a whopping 877.4 lbs (398 kg) and has a height of 47’07” (14.5m). A Pokémon that size cannot fit on a 3DS screen.  At least not unless the trainer was really tiny in comparison. A Mega Wailord could be epic, expanding Wailord size even more. What a scary thought…                                                                                                                 (Source)

Number 6: Camerupt 

 Team Magma Leader Maxie is Pokémon Omega Ruby’s main foe, and Camerupt is Maxie’s strongest Pokémon. Does anyone sense a hint here? It is extremely likely that Camerupt will get a Mega Evolution due to its importance in the game. Although it is still unknown how Mega Evolutions will be included to the story-line, you can bet that Team Magma will be all over that technology. Imagine what a Mega Evolution could do to those volcanoes on its back! It could complete Team Magma’s goal to coat the world in lava with one attack… Scary.

Number 5: Sharpedo

 Camerupt is to Maxie as Sharpedo is to Archie, Team Aqua’s leader and the main foe in Pokémon Alpha Sapphire. The same concept goes. Team Aqua wants to take over the world (by flooding it) so they will, of course, want to harness the power of Mega Evolution. This would be really exciting for Sharpedo. What will happen? Will it finally receive a tail? Will it use it to swim with vigor in Team Aqua’s new aquatic world? Well hopefully you stop
them before that can happen. But a Mega Sharpedo is                             (Source)

definitely likely.                                                                                                                   

Number 4: Salamence

 Salamence is probably one of the favorites for a Mega Evolution. An all-powerful dragon that is only acquired through a long and careful search within Meteor Falls. Finding a Bagon (its first evolution) would be an Acheivement Point if Game-boys had them. After seeing Mega Charizard (finally turn into a Dragon type) I know that a Mega Salamence would look incredible. It has all the criteria for a Mega. Especially since it also has a role in the Elite Four.

Number 3: Milotic

Milotic has been due for a Mega ever since Gyarados, it’s counter-part, received one. Before Generation V, Feebas could only evolve into Milotic if its Beauty stat (for Pokémon Contests) was maxed. This was achieved by a very controlled diet of Pokéblocks. Until Gen V, Milotic could only be evolved in games after the Original Ruby and Sapphire by having a Feebas with a max Beauty stat traded into a game. A rare and lovely Pokémon, worthy of a beautiful Mega Evolution.

Number 2: Flygon

 I recently made a poll on a Facebook community of Pokémon lovers asking “What Mega Evolution do you want to see?” 85 people voted and out of those, 24 of the votes were for Flygon (including mine). So what is so attractive about this mosquito-turned-dragon of a Pokémon? Well for starters, Ground/Dragon with Levitate! It dodges Electric and Ground attacks, it is adorable, and, like any Dragon, it’s a rewarding experience to train. After befriending a little Trapinch and watching it make its way into to a fierce Flygon, it’s inevitable to become attached. Aside from its list of weaknesses, Flygon is a powerful addition to any Pokémon team. Will Mega Flygon make an appearance? Let’s hope so!

Number 1: Rayquaza

 Upon hearing about Groudon and Kyogre’s “Ancient Devolution”, I immediately thought of Rayquaza. It’s almost obvious that Rayquaza will be given one of these special Mega Evolutions, the question is when! Will there be a Pokemon Delta Emerald? Or will Rayquaza’s story be included in each game (Like HeartGold and SoulSilver with Suicune)? No one knows. But what we do hope for is a Mega/Prehistoric Rayquaza to show us its power! 

There you have it! Are there any more Megas you hope to see in the upcoming games? Stay tuned to Pokémon  news on Gameskinny and let us know your Mega predictions. 

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